Garden Of Bruises

I think you should dig me up
Feet planted for so long in this love soil
My toes have begun to take root and you know
These leaves, these hands, are brittle,
breaking off in chunks of winter brown and are growing nasty crooked, twisted up towards
the open sky, who's sun eye is blinded, and remains unblinking closed upon
its blue mouth so full of space yet none for reason, mercy, pity
yet has no questions for my answers:
"To love is to torture."
"Life only makes me sad."
These seedling naked words we whispered into the sieves of each other's soundless ears
hang in the air around our necks, you are my noose
And I might be yours
A little more love, we both try to sneak a little more love in over the other so thinking the other didin't know
we have these atom bombs we planted amongst the roses,
just trying to burst bright again, just trying to clear a path through our garden of bruises
Watered with blood
we cry, as if more blood can wash away these stains, that already stand so red

And once upon a time there was a man in saintly armor
who loved his lady fair
And every time he took a violent burning drink he said it was because he loved her
And every time he cut her with a name that didn't belong to her, dug it into her skin, twisting the knife
he felt it was because he loved her more
And every time he drove on the highway like a maniac one hundred two hundred miles per flow of power through that infected bloodstream he knew it was because he loved her more, more, more
until he couldn't stand the sight of her
He loved her so much he wanted to kill her
Every time he looked at her he just wanted to eat her up

And so she built a tree of her bones
And hid under it
And the leaves touched the sky
And her organs turned to moss
And flowers grew from her eyes
And today she is the garden
And if you saw her you would say there was nothing more beautiful that you had ever seen
Nothing quite so sad
And I wonder why it is that we hurt the ones we love
Or is it that we force ourselves to love the ones we hurt?
Life only makes me sad