Someday you'll be here.

Someday your arm will be around me.

Someday your hand will be holding mine.

Someday your thumb will be stroking mine.

Someday your chest will be supporting my head.

Someday you'll take me far, far away, so I can be with you.

Someday I'll be there.

Someday I'll be lying out under the stars with you, our fingers intertwined.

Someday I'll be snuggled up close with you, our arms embracing each other.

Someday I'll be resting my head against your shoulder, our breathing identical.

Someday I'll be nestled next to you, your fingers in my hair, our hearts beating faster and faster.

Someday I'll run with you, away from everything, to a place where we can and will be together, in love.

Someday we'll be reunited.