a/n: a collection of poetry & prose, all written in under five minutes and using various prompts.

prompts: correspondance; roads; door

for forever and a day

oh, i'll walk this lonely road for forever and a day,
but won't you come home?

i have had no correspondance from anyone
for seventeen sunsets &
it's getting rather cold on this dusty path.

i wait (i wait, i waited, i will wait)
for just one day longer—i wait
for you to come through the door
s m i l i n g
and the dust will swirl round our ankles
i'll run to you; you'll lift me up
i'll laugh (it's been such a long time
since you heard me laugh, hasn't it?)
you'll kiss me, you will.

the door will slam shut
we'll be together

for forever and a day—just like you promised

but then the scene will shift
the mirage will vanish
the dust will swirl
the door was never there

(you never came)

and i wait,