prompts: personal; lyrics; dance

burst into life

the lights pound and the music flashes brightbrightbright in my eyes, the spotlights whirling and the bodies swaying. i am surrounded by people i know too well and not enough and you are there, right across the room, surrounded by people i do not wish to know.

the singer on the stage croons lyrics that are meaningless to him and the guitarist plucks without any real passion. the words fall through the speakers and into minds, planting ideas and feelings and beautiful images.

pretty dresses dance on the dancefloor, entwined with suits and corsages and things that are supposed to represent love.

i look at you (pretending i haven't been searching for you for the entire night) and soon, you turn to look at me. we smile in unison, our grins flourishing on our faces.

"if i lay here," you mouth, and i return, "if i just lay here."

"would you lie with me and just forget the world?" together.

(we can't even hear each other over the loudloud music and the voices of everyone else but it doesn't matter.)

and i whisper, "forget what we're told," and you sing, "before we get too old."

and together, "show me a garden that's bursting into life."

then i smile, all teeth and lipgloss and your lips twitch. and then you look away and the moment is broken (if there ever was a moment) and i'm just another lonely girl, playing pretend with her pretty purple dress and glitter on her cheeks.