Hey to all you out there who are bored and have nothing better to do then to read my silly story at present. This is the first time i let anyone other then my twin sister elly read anything of mine. Critisim is welcome, very much so because a person can not improve themselves if they do not know what they are doing wrong. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this and tell me what you think. Thanks.



It all starts with a choice, all of it, a choice of right and wrong, of villains and heroes. Never in the history of this earth has a story or difficulty ever started out differently and if it did I would like to hear about it. Now it's not always our choice that starts the trouble, but it maybe our choice is the one that ends it, be it good or evil. It just goes to show how everyone has been given his or her own free will. When the will becomes a will of it's own then something major will have had to happen and no one would have a choice. Not I, or the women on the street sleeping under nothing but newspapers, would have a choice to better or improve ourselves. It's free will that causes the trouble, but can also be our salvation. Because it all starts with a choice.

"No sir! I will not allow her to take my place!" A young man who looked to be in his late teens said as he majestically paced back and forth on the marble floor. He was tall about 6'4, and had short messy midnight black hair. His skin was a dark tan, and stretched tightly across his muscles that hide beneath his muscle black shirt and his dark baggy pair of jeans. He went by the name of Marcus, however most about him always called him Marc because Marcus just seemed to old for the more modern civilization. However there was one thing that Marc had that would make him stand out against the crowd…and that was the color of his eyes. They were a perfect emerald green.

"This a point that shall not be argued by you. You will do as you are told or you shall be stripped of your honors and your wings be ripped from your back." Marc suddenly stopped his pacing and looked at the council that sat before him in lavished marble seats with velvet cushions. They stood in what probably felt like the most opalescent place in the world and that was because it was. Above their very heads sat paintings that were so realistic that the human eye couldn't stand to look at it. The pillars that where about the room where carved with such great care they seemed to be moving. Everything placed in that giant room seemed to be placed to serve a greater purpose, almost like a real live organism. Even the council members even seemed to be part of it acting like the heart. Everything seemed to work together and to function to keep the organ going, everything except, Marc. Marc started pacing again.

"Marcus you have to understand." Said a gentle women who sat on left of the grandest seat in the room. Her voice would remind anyone of a songbird. Yet there was something about her voice that would make people stop and listen, and that is just what Marcus did. He stopped and looked at her. Her eyes where a gentle chocolate brown and her skin just as dark, her hair seemed to smoothly fall on her shoulders. She was one of the most beautiful creatures in the world, and also the gentlest.

"What is there to understand most, Virtuous Julia? I understand it just fine." Marc said with difficulty not to raise his voice. She looked at him then sighed.

"We can not afford to let this one slip through our fingers." The man on Julia's left, said speaking out. He was dressed in his military grab almost like he was ready for an attack at any second.

"This job is not something a girl like her should be doing! She is only human!" Marc couldn't seem to get the words out fast enough. On the opposite end of the seats came a singsong type voice from a blond with thick curly locks that sat in her lap.

"You were once human to Marcus." She said it much gentler then Marc was expecting to hear it, which seemed to catch him off guard and made him stand there speechless.

"Yes how is she any different then you?" Said yet another seamless person. Marcus gave up on looking around to see who was talking. He knew who was who when they spoke, it wasn't like it was he hadn't stood here thousands of times before. Then Marc thought of something. Looking up he tried to be hopeful.

"Let me take her place?" It was a sudden comment and it earned a lot of gasps of fright. Marcus then directed his attention to the empty chair that sat in the middle of the one that he continued to pace by. Just like him, the chair did not seem to belong there, but out of the wonderful things in the room, the chair commanded his attention. He was hoping that maybe, if he didn't make eye contact, they would feel for him. Maybe, the council would feel for him and grant him his wish. However, the longer that no one said anything the more and more Marcus grew to understanding that they were opposed to the idea. Finally, unable to take the silence any longer, Marcus stormed out of the room, kicking the chair over on his way out.