To Where You Are

He lurches towards the far corner of the window when the silhouette of a woman catches his eye. Then, when he gets closer, he sees that there's actually no one there. Depression clouds his features and he slumps against the wall, defeated. His head is in his hands, but he looks through his fingers at the empty double bed. The bluish figure of the woman he thought he'd seen gets up slowly and walks past him to the window. He reaches out to touch her, but she disappears completely. Ryuu groans loudly, and collapses onto his knees.

Choking back tears, he glances up through the window. One particular star burns more brightly than all of the others. It pulls him towards it, and he doesn't fight the urge. It invades his mind and takes over his very soul. Something resonates in his heart, and he closes his eyes. The calmness it brings over him is beyond the capacity for words. Deep down, in his heart, he makes a wish with everything he has. A desperate wish that just screams 'last resort' with everything it can.

He looks up, and out from the darkness, white races down to him. It surrounds him completely, and when his eyes open, she's standing next to him. Ryuu's eyes widen considerably, and he pulls her close. She lets out a bell-like laugh, light and airy. He pulls to back to look at her, and she gives him her best, and most sincere soft, sad smile. She caresses his face tenderly with big, sad eyes.

At first, Ryuu's confused. Then, the reality of the situation starts to pile up on him. The desperation returns to his eyes, and he reaches for her hand. She looks at their entwined hands, before slowly pulling away. An empty feeling washes over him as she moves further away. Next, his lungs suddenly struggle to find any air at all. She moves away from him completely after that, and fully lets go. Ryuu can't do anything but gasp for air.

On the first intake of a fresh breath, he stares at the white ceiling. His arms by his sides, and empty. Ryuu chokes back sobs, but stands up. He smiles up at the brightly glistening stars above in the sky. He turns away and walks out of the empty bedroom. On his way, he picks up a box and pulls the door closed behind him. A piece of paper floats out and flutters to the ground gently. It highlights a woman with blonde hair to her waist, and is about a car crash.

Author's Note; Jai McDowall won Britain's Got Talent tonight. This is the song he sang, and he's an amazing singer. Check it out if you have the time. I had to write this, so, four updates today then.

Jai McDowall – To Where You Are.