Souls of Suspicion

Jack stares out of the window and at the pouring rain. A deflated football rests on the bored boy's lap. Loud yelling comes from the kitchen, where his parents' are. Knowing his parents would be at that all night, at least, he wanders away. The lights are off in the small, cramped hallway. Flyers and leaflets pour out of the cupboards and one light flickers erratically. For Jack, there's nothing abnormal about the house being the way it is. Or the non-stop bickering. It's just how he's been brought up. Jack pauses outside of his dad's study. There were strict rules about him not going in there, and the punishment was harsh. Yet, his curiosity needs to be sated.

Jack glances around himself, and finds no one there. As usual. He slips through the door and stares at the ceiling high pile of papers. His fingers twitch. All his life, he's been doing the cleaning, and this place definitely needs cleaning. Jack shakes his head, supressing the urge, and tip toes around the eerily silent room. Of course, he quickly finds that it's impossible to move around with all of the papers strewn across the floor. He turns to leave, but a silverish document catches his eye. Situated at the back of the room, he knows he'll be in huge trouble if he tries going for it.

Jack bites down on his lower lip, and his hands tremble. Slowly, he starts wading through the forgotten papers, some of which are torn to pieces. Then he reaches out, and grasps the document a split second before the door slams open. A terrified Jack ducks under a large pile while his dad throws more papers around. It's not usual for his dad to be that furious, and it scares him even more. Loud clangs ring out as his mum fails to cook another meal, as always. Now it's his mum's turn to break into his dad's study and corner him again. At times like that, Jack wishes he had something to cover his ears from all the screaming, insults and smashing.

"Guess what?" a boy yells. "My dad bought me a big, big, big bike! He says I'll be in the Olympics one day!"

"Yea, so?" another scowls. "My mum made me a big chocolate cake to have at lunch time today! She's the best cook in the world!"

"I have to pick up pennies on the street to pay for my lunch…" Jack mutters, spinning slowly on a swing. "My dad doesn't get me anything… Not even for my birthday."

The bell rings loudly and Jack runs inside. However, his classmates groan about boring classes and pointless lessons. The teacher gives Jack a big smile when he comes in, and pats his head affectionately. He's her favourite, always was and always would be, everyone knows that. Lowering his head, a small smile crosses Jack's face. School was his place of absolute sanctuary, where, even though he doesn't have any friends, he could smile and be even just a bit carefree. Then, from nowhere, his little bubble of protection suddenly, and finally, pops.

The door is flung open, and his mum charges in. She exudes untamed fury, and swiftly grabs Jack's wrist. Not giving him the chance to speak or protest, she starts dragging him out. His futile struggles aren't strong enough to stop her, so he doesn't even try.

"What do you think you're doing?" the teacher exclaims.

"My son, he's coming with us an' we're moving," she replies. "No more time to be wastin' on stupid lessons. I didn't hae 'em and I'm fine."

With that, the door slams shut behind them. Jack's classmates minds have suddenly changed about the lessons, and about him. The smartest student in the whole year and year above it sometimes, with parents as foolish as that. The teacher calls up the school reception, and tells them to alert the police, but she's far too late…

Jack stares bleakly out of the back window at his school. The school that's slowly disappearing as they go down the hill. The loud, raucous laughter from his parents only causes more unease to wash over him. He tries to put on a brave face, and look unaffected, but it's much harder than usual.

Author's Note: Oh, poor Jack. Kind of dark, don't you think. They're not all bad histories, and things will get better. I mean, he makes one heck of a good friend in Adrian.

Ah, description time. Okay, dirty blonde hair, and green eyes. Does that help?

Oh, and these are little snippets of their lives. This will end when they reach a time where…. Yadda, yadda, yadda, etc.