Souls of Suspicion

Tala stares out at the other children playing. A maid stops behind Tala with a concerned frown. Discreetly, she taps Tala's shoulder timidly. Tala glances over briefly, but finds the maid to be uninteresting, and looks away. The maid sighs exhaustedly.

"Why don't you go outside?" she encourages. "You could play with everyone else."

"No," Tala murmurs, distantly. "They're stupid and childish. A waste of my time."

Time spent doing what, the maid thinks. "Of course, how silly of me. Good day,"

Tala kicks the skirting board of the wall irritably. She frowns unhappily and goes back to looking outside at the other children playing. She quickly pushes the window closed. A scowl is fixed in place; seemingly permanent. Yet, still she doesn't move from her perch, or from watching the other children. She grimaces as the sun, high in the sky, shines down onto the window when the clouds part. Tala leans against the window, pressing her forehead against the glass and sighs quietly.

A low humming sounds from down the hallway. Tala perks up instantly. She stares down the empty hall, glowing red from the beautiful, setting sun. The humming becomes more light-hearted, and Tala hops down from the window seat. She races down the hall with a curious, and wide eyed expression. A slightly happy aura blossoms around her, and quickly, she comes to a door.

Cautiously, she glimpses inside with a big, cheeky smile. An older girl with dark, reddish brown hair stands with her back to the door. Knowingly, the older girl gestures for Tala to come in; which she's all too happy to oblige to. Tala hugs the older girl by the waist and smiles up at her adoringly, and with unbridled admiration. She pats Tala's head gently and affectionately.

"Hey," the older girl smiles. "Tala, how are you?"

"I missed you," Tala whispers. "I missed you so, so, so much Marie."

"I was at school!" Marie laughs. "You saw me this morning… I missed you too, Tala."

"Marie, Marie! Play me that nice song, you're the best in the world!" Tala exclaims.

"Of course," Marie smiles, adoringly. "but first, someone's a little hungry. You can listen later."

Tala's eyes widen brightly. "Wow, you can tell? You're the best big sister ever!"

Author's Note:

Six years old, currently. I think her name has something to do with wolves too, but I'm not sure. I don't have the time to check. So, Marie's her big sister, and there's still a bit to come, so it's not all 'HAPPY HAPPY!' here.

I think her family thing is a bit like Ryuuki's, in Saiunkoku Monogatari. I just love that show, and haven't watched it in a while. I hope you enjoy. Don't look it up!

Tala – Chocolate brown curly(ringlet) hair to her shoulders, and emerald eyes.

Marie – Dark red, brown hair in loose waves and cerulean blue eyes.

Marielooks kinda like Jenny. A bit.