The reasons why I love you.

1. The way you talk about Quidditch like it's a real sport.
2. You're amazing at soccer and you're a graceful dancer.
3. The way your eyes sparkle when I tell you I love you.
4. You keep me sane.
5. You'd risk everything for me.
6. You took me back even after all the pain I put you through (and I promise you this, I'll never do it again).
7. You're so peaceful in your sleep.
8. You've given me the best ten and a half years of my life, quickly approaching eleven as I'm typing this.
9. The way you sing.
10. Your intelligence.
11. You already promised me that you love me despite my faults.
12. The way you're so quiet around people who don't know you but open up around your closest friends. Including me.
13. The way you trust me enough to cry in front of me.
14. The way you easily fit into my arms.
15. The way your hand feels in mine.
16. You're always so warm, even if it's freezing cold.
17. You saw me at my worst and continued to love me at my best.
18. You care about me.
19. We share the same music tastes. I don't know another girl who likes Florence + The Machine and Green Day.
20. You're always looking for "our song".
21. The way your smile brightens my day in a second.
22. How "I love you" sounds coming from you.
23. You're so much more mature than I am, even if I'm a few years older.
24. You don't care how old I am.
25. And in return, I don't care how old you are.
26. The positive influence you have on me.
27. You were my best friend first, for eight years.
28. The way you were shocked when I finally said "I like you".
29. You tell me everything, no matter how hard it is.
30. You trust me, even though I wouldn't.
31. You make glasses look cute.
32. You make awkward look adorable.
33. The way you call me "Robby". Even if you haven't done it since you were a little girl, I still love the way it sounds.
34. Your honesty.
35. Your bravery.
36. The fact that you proudly call yourself a Ravenclaw.
37. The Harry Potter jokes we tell each other that never seem to get old.
38. The way you let me read to you, even though you're fully capable of doing it yourself.
39. Four words: Harry Potter movie nights.
40. You convinced me to watch Glee. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but, because of you, I proudly support Finchel.
41. The way you make me feel like I'm the luckiest man alive.
42. You always try to be an upbeat person, even if you're falling to pieces.
43. You can play guitar.
44. And you waste your time teaching me to play.
45. Soccer memories.
46. The way you're not afraid to stand out.
47. When I gave you my jacket (to keep), I never thought you'd wear it. Especially since it had my last name on the back.
48. The way I mentioned my last name and you said "What's yours is mine."
49. You can write. And it actually makes sense.
50. I could never be mad at you, no matter what you do.
51. Even though I can lose my temper, you're never mad at me.
52. Actually, it seems like you're never mad at all, even though it's the first three letters of your name.
53. The way you say my name.
54. You're an amazing friend.
55. Even after almost two years, you haven't taken off the necklace I gave you for your thirteenth birthday.
56. You're beautiful.
57. The way you helped me face my fear...of my own father.
58. Your green eyes.
59. The way green has become my favorite color because of said eyes.
60. When I was fourteen I was searching for my dream girl. And all you said was "you'll find her eventually". I didn't find her. I already knew where she was.
61. The way you smile. Flawless.
62. Your strength.
63. The way I would do anything for you.
64. The way we dance together.
65. The way you're comfortable dancing if it's been choreographed for you, but yet you don't know how to slow dance.
66. Your vegetarianism.
67. Our runs to Starbucks together.
68. Even if you don't know it, you can draw.
69. Your love for astrology.
70. The times we stargaze together.
71. You know all the constellations.
72. Your idea of a good time is listening to Florence + The Machine and reading To Kill A Mockingbird.
73. Your love of history.
74. The way you know how to tie a tie. That came in handy for your-best-friend's-brother's-wedding.
75. The time you fixed my Internet.
76. The way you're so close to your dad in a way I never could be.
77. I thought love was just in fairytales. Even if that's not true, you're still my princess.
78. The way you make Taylor Swift sound like a gifted songwriter when you sing her songs.
79. The way we're hopeless romantics together.
80. The way you think I can actually sing.
81. The way you let me sing to you.
82. You actually read what I write even though I don't have talent.
83. You stayed up until midnight rewriting an essay for me. For a class you didn't know anything about. And I got a 98%. (I would have gotten more if I actually remembered to put my name on the paper.)
84. I don't care if I never drink because it's a promise I made to you.
85. You can actually keep promises.
86. You introduced me to Lifehouse. I can honestly say I'm hooked. Especially to your favorite song. You and Me.
87. You actually care about my eating habits.
88. And study habits.
89. We have matching TOMS.
90. Your birthday (8/23), the day we met (9/15), and the day we become a couple (11/9) are the days I actually care about remembering.
91. The day we became a couple was also the day of my first kiss.
92. You set up my computer for me.
93. You're one person I don't regret meeting.
94. You actually make an attempt to know my friends.
95. Your band.
96. You can still look beautiful wearing a pair of old sneakers, ripped jeans, and a regular T-shirt.
97. You let me call you "honey", "sweetie", "sweetheart", and "darling".
98. Your weird tastes in music.
99. When you cry, all I want to do is hold you.
100. You actually laugh at the things I say.
101. You're the one person who's given me butterflies in my stomach.
102. You always are ready to spend time with me.
103. Your Facebook picture is a picture of you and me.
104. Everything about you interests me.
105. The way you see the world.
106. You know sign language, English, Spanish, and French. I only speak English, what I've learned from high school Spanish, and French (a three-year-old's standard).
107. The one sign I learned from you in ASL is "I love you". Both ways.
108. You've matured from a tomboy into a beautiful young woman. Who is still a tomboy.
109. The way you look when you're dressed up.
110. Your idea of dressed up is wearing a nice skirt and a cardigan (well...naturally, with a shirt, too...).
111. You never cuss.
112. You don't mind when I cuss.
113. You're one of the few girls I know who hates Twilight.
114. Nature fascinates you.
115. You put up with my smart phone's typos.
116. You're never jealous when I'm with my girl friends.
117. We have plans to go backpacking across Europe together, mainly because you're so fascinated by the continent.
118. You let me vent to you about stupid things.
119. You wore my jacket to my graduation.
120. I casually mentioned I had never finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The next morning your copy was in my mailbox.
121. You didn't mind when I returned the books with the corners of pages folded over to mark my place.
122. Our trips to the library.
123. You're right next door if I ever need to talk.
124. If we were a celebrity couple, our couple name would be Rad.
125. The way your wall is covered by pictures that you took.
126. The way you think it's amazing that I share a last name with a Harry Potter character. Even if he died. And I share a name with the actor who played him, too.
127. You support me.
128. We make decisions together.
129. The hill where all of our memories were made.
130. You're a couple years younger than me, but we've never done it.
131. You changed me for the better.
132. You got me into musicals. None of my friends know that, but now, Internet strangers do. Thanks, "Galinda".
133. It's too easy listing why I love you. I thought this would be fifteen reasons. Now it's three-page list.
134. You said "I love you" first.
135. You think it's interesting that I'm ambidextrous.
136. You taught me what ambidextrous was.
137. You're great at solving problems.
138. I'm going to quote Never Shout Never on this: You make me happy, whether you know it or not.
139. You cook.
140. You never wear any makeup except the occasional red lipstick. Which looks amazing on you.
141. You cried for me. And you only cry about things that you think matter.
142. When it comes to you, I don't care what my friends think. If they hate you, then they hate half of me.
143. You face your fears when it comes to me.
144. You're afraid to try contact lenses, but I don't care.
145. You're proud of your flaws.
146. You introduced me to your deaf friend. And translated everything I said.
147. You've been innocent from the start (especially since I've known you since you were four).
148. You make messy hair look beautiful.
149. Your camera and the necklace I gave you are your most prized possessions.
150. And mine is the drawing of a rose you gave me for my eighteenth birthday. I have it framed above my bed.
151. You helped me pick out my car.
152. Thinking about you stops me from doing something stupid.
153. You've proved that true love exists.
154. And that everything happens for a reason.
155. Your hands are delicate and soft. I like the way they feel in mine.
156. You got me into anime, too.
157. I've got interested in so many things through you.
158. I drove for an hour straight just to see you for twenty minutes. And didn't care about the price of gas.
159. You carry a picture of me in your wallet.
160. And I have one of you in mine.
161. You have straight A's.
162. You helped me write my valedictorian speech.
163. And I loved the look of surprise on your face when I mentioned you in it.
164. The way you got jealous when I went to Disneyland for the graduation trip and you've never gone.
165. You get along with my two best friends.
166. And your best friends accepted me.
167. And your ex-boyfriend actually likes me as a friend.
168. You trusted me so much that you told me about your breakup before any of your friends.
169. You call me your crying shoulder.
170. You memorized my phone number before I did.
171. The way you call my parents Mom and Dad.
172. I play our conversations over a million times in my head so I don't forget the sound of your voice.
173. You have a playlist of songs on your iPod that remind you of me.
174. Your humor when we're talking electronically, yet when we're face to face you're serious.
175. I love the smell of your perfume.
176. You have a key to my house.
177. You know my password.
178. The way you said your name for the first time. It was adorable. After all, you were four...
179. You still make me nervous.
180. You seem to read my mind.
181. You know when I need a hug.
182. Your arms don't fit all the way around me, but you still hug me anyway.
183. Your shortness.
184. Your loyalty.
185. The way I stare at your Facebook pictures when I miss you.
186. You always recommend books for me since we both seem to love reading.
187. You love all animals.
188. The song you wrote for me.
189. And recorded with your band for me. It's on my iTunes.
190. The way my parents noticed how much of a positive influence you had on me.
191. The way my mom loves you like her own daughter.
192. The way my parents have accepted you when they never seem to accept anything anymore.
193. Your skin looks flawless at all times.
194. You're the only thing I have that I'm scared of losing.
195. Our kiss in the rain.
196. You own about three of my T-shirts. I don't want them back.
197. You've stopped caring about what other people think of you.
198. No matter who's on a "Most Beautiful People" list, they could never compare to you.
199. This is a waste of time that I don't regret.
200. You got me into roleplay.
201. Our failed comic.
202. The time we played video games together.
203. And the time you let me win.
204. You're a tough girl, but your heart always melts when you see a kitten.
205. You're never too self-conscious to eat in front of me.
206. The way you quote every Harry Potter movie.
207. And Titanic.
208. And Juno.
209. And Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.
210. And Mean Girls.
211. You have figured out who at our school would be which character in Mean Girls.
212. You were the first person who ever wrote me a love letter.
213. And you're the first person I ever wrote a love letter for.
214. Our parents are almost as good as friends as we are.
215. You made me not so afraid of commitment.
216. You taught me how to live.
217. You taught me to never take anything for granted.
218. You know I'm stronger than you, but we both know I would never do anything to prove it.
219. You speak before you think, but you never say anything you end up regretting.
220. It breaks my heart when you're sad.
221. Your Facebook statuses always seem so witty.
222. You helped me find the balance in my life.
223. I wasn't, and I'm still not, afraid to risk everything for you.
224. You help me find beauty in everything because I know it's there.
225. You taught me that love truly knows no age, limits, boundaries, etc.
226. You joined academic decathlon just to spend time with me.
227. And I joined drama to spend time with you.
228. You're the first thought in my head in the morning and the last thing I think of at night.
229. You make me feel like a real man.
230. You're so hard to figure out. It's almost become a game, trying to read your mind.
231. You make me feel more than I've ever felt before.
232. Even though you like bands like Florence + The Machine, Paramore, and Bon Jovi, you let me play romantic and slow music for you.
233. You're my favorite subject to talk about with my friends.
234. You're my favorite reason to skip sleep.
235. Even if we're not a witch and wizard, we can make magic together.
236. You never give up on me.
237. You always seem so small.
238. I'm afraid I'm going to break you.
239. I can spoil you.
240. You let me give you a massage after a long day.
241. The time you fell asleep in my arms after you had been crying.
242. The way the sound of my heartbeat is soothing to you.
243. The way you melt in my arms.
244. I've already thought about our future. Together.
245. It feels like I can see into your soul when we kiss.
246. And yet it feels like we share a soul.
247. The cute way you seem to be addicted to Arizonas.
248. "I may not be a Hufflepuff, but I found something beautiful in my life."
249. We always seem to have the same ideas when we want to see each other.
250. You read the entire Harry Potter series in ten days. I read the entire Harry Potter series in three years.
251. And you read The Perks of Being a Wallflower in two hours.
252. If you left me, I don't know how I'd survive.
253. The feel of your hand against mine sends chills running down my spine.
254. And the feel of your lips against mine sends sparks to my lips.
255. Our day at the beach.
256. Opposites attract.
257. The promise ring looks beautiful on you.
258. When you say you love me, I know you mean it, though I don't know how someone like you could love someone like me.
259. I guess what they say is can find so much good in little things.
260. The foot difference between our heights is what makes us so perfect.
261. You've kept everything I've ever given you.
262. Including my heart.
263. You think the world is prettiest when the sun is setting and the sky turns orange, pink, and purple.
264. Your laugh is contagious.
265. I love the wonder in your eyes when you see something beautiful.
266. And how you get that look when you see me.
267. If I could have anything in the world, I'd still choose you.
268. And if you could have anything, you'd still choose me.
269. You are, quite literally, the girl of my dreams.
270. You take my breath away.
271. I felt miserable without you those two months.
272. We both go to nature when we want a quiet place alone to think.
273. Sometimes we go together.
274. When you're having a bad day, you don't try to cover it with a smile for me.
275. Instead, you let me give you a reason to smile.
276. No matter how old or young you are, you still make my heart pound.
277. You helped me with my ego problems.
278. I love your body. And I mean that in a nonsexual way, of course.
279. I love the way your hair frames your face when you have it down.
280. The way you say "You are the only one for me".
281. Even though it'd mean being alone, I'll always wait for you.
282. You are the desire of my soul.
283. I love who I am when I'm with you.
284. After I told you I loved you for the first time, it felt as though I was seeing myself for the first time as well.
285. No emotion or feeling is as intense as my love for you.
286. And no pain is as intense as the pain I feel when we're separated.
287. I feel as though I finally have something worth protecting.
288. And I'm currently guarding it with my life.
289. I never feel like I have to call you any 'disgusting' couple names like "baby", "princess", "babe", etc.
290. When you had your surgery, I overcame my fear of hospitals to see you.
291. When you were in the seventh grade, you helped me with my algebra homework.
292. You're obviously a genius. You just refuse to admit it.
293. Your ingenuity.
294. You're the driving force for everything I do.
295. I think your name is the most beautiful name in the world.
296. You let me think I know what I'm talking about.
297. You talk just so I can hear your rhythmic voice.
298. You're completely speechless when I do something to surprise you.
299. The tears in your eyes when you saw me at the hospital made me realize you really care about me.
300. I got a job to prove to you I can support you one day.
301. We aren't like normal couples.
302. You help me out when I don't deserve it.
303. You're unnaturally talented.
304. And charming.
305. For laughing with me.
306. And crying.
307. And being silent.
308. You remembered all the important dates in my life.
309. You can remember a specific time we spent together if I mention it.
310. And you do that flawlessly.
311. You're respectful.
312. The way you constantly put yourself down is just an excuse for me to tell you how beautiful you are.
313. The way you make me feel inferior with your bright eyes.
314. You make me a better person, in every way.
315. Your smile on a rough day makes me loosen up.
316. The way you let me play with your hair.
317. Including the time you let me braid your hair when you were in the hospital.
318. Your generosity.
319. You look out for me.
320. You protect me from myself.
321. The way you always try to get to know someone.
322. The way you never judge anyone without knowing the whole truth.
323. You always have time to deal with me.
324. You help me up when I feel down.
325. The way my arm fits perfectly around your waist.
326. And shoulders.
327. You're the most curious person I've ever met.
328. You enjoy life to the fullest.
329. We can do absolutely nothing and still make me feel like I'm so lucky to have you.
330. The times we just sat on my couch watching Glee.
331. You came to me when you felt like you couldn't do anything anymore.
332. You give me a reason to get up in the morning.
333. You're the driving force in my life.
334. I can feel every aspect of myself when I'm with you, from my head to the tips of my toes.
335. Your sense of adventure.
336. You inspire me.
337. You're a great role model.
338. You're always so level headed.
339. I think of you not as a person or a friend, but my wife, even if we are only dating.
340. You've accepted me for what I am, not who you want me to be.
341. You're all I've ever wanted.
342. The way the sun hits your hair.
343. Public displays of affection: Simple, but sensual.
344. You believe in me no matter what crazy stunt I try.
345. You're my biggest fan.
346. And I'm yours.
347. You take the time to show me that you love me.
348. I don't remember much of life before I met you, and I like it that way.
349. Everyone notices how much we love one another.
350. And in almost a year, no one's tried to stop it.
351. The memories we make.
352. And the touch of our skin against one another.
353. You never get jealous, of anything or anyone.
354. Your unique insight.
355. You try to help people, no matter who they are or the situation.
356. Your presence in a room lights it up with a radiance that no one one, except me.
357. Your tears make me want to beat the living crap out of whoever hurt you.
358. I want to make the world a better place for you.
359. You've gone through so much in your life but you don't let it get you down.
360. The feel of your tender skin under my lips.
361. You're almost always willing to try something new.
362. You've promised to love me forever.
363. And you mean it.
364. You'd let me ramble for hours just to hear my voice.
365. There are endless reasons why I love you but the most important is...darling, knowing you is loving you.

That took about five hours to write. It started as a list of fifteen reasons why I loved my girlfriend for her fifteenth birthday, but I found there were so many reasons that it seemed impossible to stop at only fifteen. So there's 365, one for each day of the year as a way to symbolize her getting older.

I met her when I was eight years old, and she was four. There's four years difference between us, but I love her anyway. I'd do anything to protect this girl from harm, anything in the world. And she means so much to me that I'm afraid of losing her to anyone or anything.

She's going to be a sophomore in August, and I'll be starting community college in September. I wanted to get her something she could always keep with her, and this is it: A list of reasons why I love her. These reasons took seven pages, 4,085 words, 21,088 letters, and five hours to complete. I love you, Maddie Stephanie Evans. I love you more than anything in this world. And the surprising thing is, you love me, too.

Listen to me: I hurt her bad. I cheated on her once. And during those two months, I was miserable at best. Now I know that she is a gift and that I should NEVER do anything that horrible to her again. We may have our differences, but life goes on, and love is forever. I love you so much, honey.