You guys im so flippin happy its unreal. My dog went missing a few days ago. I have had him for 5 years and my dad found him today. Im so HAPPY that I almost cryed. Anyways My friend Turtle and I made this story a few weeks ago, ummm well here it is.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Turtle and I was walking down a deserted street and all of a sudden we see a shadow dart past us. ~Turtle looks at me and askes~ 'Should we run Panda?''No Turtle. We shouldnt. We should see who it was.'~Grabs Turtles arm to make him stop and turn around~ 'Come on you chicken!'~ Turtle acts like a whimp and then acts like a man.~ 'Okay, Lets go. But you first. Wait! NO! Todd goes first.~ (A/N Todd is a stuffed animal.) 'Okay go Todd.' ~Throws Todd in the shadows like a boy throwing his first baseball.~ ~Panda laughs~ 'Nice Turle. Like he'll grow legs and starts acting like a real life stuffed animal. And stop whining. BE A MAN!' ~wacks Turtle acrossed the back of the head. He rubs his head~ 'OW! that kinda hurt!' ~hears a noise~ ~ Turtle freaks out~ 'What was that Panda? I think you should go and check it out while I wait over there.' ~he points acrossed the street.~ ~ Something shoots past our heads.~ ~Turtle looks at me~ 'What was that?' ~he walks over to the object~ 'OH NOOOOO!' ~ He crys like a baby.~ 'Its Todd' ~He screams still crying~ 'Todd has a ripped arm' ~Turtle lifts Todd up slowly and starts to cry some more~ 'He was a good man' ~Turtle said sniffling. I pat his back~ ' It will be okay Turtle we will get whoever hurt Todd' ~Turtle wipes a tear away~ 'Its okay.' ~He throws Todd in the street.~ ' Todd cheated on his wife so he kinda deserved it. But I have a backup.' ~Pulls out Edward a stuffed alligator.~ ~Hears a noise yet again~ ~Grabs Edward and shakes him~ 'Now you listen to me you over stuffed alligator~ You are goin in those shadows and get whoever got Todd. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?' I yelled. 'We should follow the noise' whispers Turtle. ~he starts to shake~ 'He just came out of the factory. Hold on. ~Grabs Edward and messes with his back~ 'What are you doing?' 'Ah. There we go.' ~Turtle looks up~ 'I set him to attack mode. Now throw him!' ~Panda throws Edward towards the shadow.~ 'What now?'
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A/N Okay I hope you guys liked it. Honestly I do. Me and Turtle worked on this really hard. Lol. R&R!