"Hello Nathanial. How are we doing this fine afternoon?" says a voice amidst the darkness

"W-w-w-Where am I?" I ask groggily. That is a great question. I cannot see anything. My eyes must be covered. I try to move arms but they won't comply. It feels as if they are asleep. Legs feel the same way. Where the hell am I?

"Oh you're safe; don't worry about that at all. I'm just here to ask you a few questions about yourself," says the faceless professional voice," First, to start off: How are you feeling?" Great, he's trying to be formal. But his question did make me think about how I felt physically, which was that I couldn't feel anything from my neck down. I hope I'm not paralyzed. I'm 17 and being a paraplegic was not on my goal list for senior year. But on the emotional side of his question, I am just very confused of what has happened. I'm in some random room that smells like an office or someplace that has volumes of books on the shelves that are just for show. There is some man putting on a facade right in front of me. Plus I'm blindfolded.

"I'm just peachy. Now can you tell me where the hell I am?" I say to him in a dry tone. He grunts in amusement at my sarcastic answer. I start to like him less and less with each growing second.

"I take it my dear boy you've realized that you cannot move any of your extremities. That's just a necessary precaution." He reassures me. This guy is really beating around the bush. He needs to stop avoiding my question. "Now Mr. Crystal, it's my turn to ask you a question: Where did you get your powers?" He asks. Great, my powers are what got me in this situation, whatever this situation actually is. Maybe if I play the fool they will think they have the wrong person.

"Powers? What are you talking about?" I ask feigning ignorance. Hopefully guy this guy is dense.

"Don't play coy with me Nathanial. I know about your powers," he says with waning patience," now tell me where did you get them from?" His voice became very firm with the last sentence. But still I play dumb.

"Nathanial? Who in God's name is that? Where am I?" I say in a fake (real?) panic. "My name isn't Nathanial. It's Robbie. The only Nathanial I know is this kid who sits next to me in History class!" I try to hold back a snicker on the last one. Robbie is the school jock. He's a real ass. He doesn't deserve this though, does he? I mean he did used to beat me up before I secretly used my powers to defend myself once. Everyone thought it was just a lucky punch. It stopped him from messing with me though. The man speaks again, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Stop it. We know who you are. We've been following you for the past week, observing your little escapades in being a superhero as you seem to think you are. Now I would enjoy if you would stop with the childish games and answer the questions." He says with increased annoyance. Who is he? Why does he want to know where I got my powers?

"How about this, you take of my blind fold and answer a couple of my questions, and then I'll answer yours. Sound good to you?" I say hoping there is a little more strength in my words then what is in me. Being blindfolded in a room that you were unwillingly taken to, and not having the ability to recall the last few days can take the courage out of you. The man sighs.

"Fine. I'll take off the blindfold and answer one question of yours in return for the origin of your powers." He concedes. Shuffling is heard and then I feel him behind me untying my blindfold. He whips it off of my face and an explosion of colors and light hits my vision. Once my eyes finally become accustomed I look around. I'm in what seems to be a psychologist's office. There were plush, red chairs with gold colored threading to make them look fancier, a matching couch for patients who needed to lay down. And along the walls behind the chair in front of me, probably my captor's chair, was a wall covered in volumes of books. Called it. I am even in one of the comfy chairs, but I'm not restrained in any way. So that takes out one plausible answer in the mystery of me not being able to move my limbs. So this means I'm drugged or I'm a paraplegic. I don't like my choices.

The man comes into my frame of vision and sits down. He seems to be in his early thirties. He's in a formal pinstripe suit. His hair is swept to the side like he is a young successful entrepreneur. He looks like a jackass. "There you go. Now ask your question. I will answer any question within reason." says the business man with a forced smile on his face. Is he trying to make me feel safe? I would enjoy it if he would stop this act. It is getting to be very annoying. Alright I need to think. What should I ask this guy? There are thousands of questions running through my head at the moment but I can only ask him one. What does he mean by "in reason?" Would asking for more questions count as a question? Focus Nathan! Alright, we need to learn where we are and we need to phrase this delicately so that he has to answer it without beating around the bush. It's like telling a genie your wish. It must be phrased perfectly. Here goes nothing.

"What is my exact location? And telling me I'm in a safe place does not count as an answer. Tell me what and where this building is." I demand trying to sound as tough as possible. Hopefully that will work. The man inhales deeply before answering.

"Well it doesn't matter if I tell you or not I guess. You are in a facility that studies the Gifted Ones in a room that is sound proof by the way. No one can hear us and we can't hear them. But for a geographical answer to your question: you're not in any city or town you are familiar with. We're actually in the middle of the nowhere. So if you do manage to escape you will not get far. But you won't escape." he takes another breath, "There you go I have kept my end of the bargain and I expect you to do likewise Mr. Crystal." He pauses to let me digest his answer. I'm in a place that studies the Gifted Ones. Crap, he thinks I was born with my powers doesn't he? No wait, he asked me how I got my powers. He knows I wasn't born with these abilities. No mutated chromosomes for me. So why would I be here? Maybe they want to brainwash me and use me as their personal soldier. Oh great, he also managed to slip around telling me where in the world I was.

This is just lovely. I can't move for God knows how much longer (if ever) and this guy will probably keep me here until I tell him what he wants to know. I guess it's inevitable.

"What is your question again?" I ask trying to get some thinking time.

"Where and how did you receive your powers?" his voice is becoming firmer by the syllable. I have no choice. I have to tell him. Here we go.

"Well get comfortable. I have a story for you then."