I don't really know if I can actually dedicate this to the wonderful Crystalynn or not since I technically wrote this before I wrote Calleth You, but I'm doing it anyway! Thank you so much for all the help you've given me so far! I hope you enjoy reading about these kind of messed up characters.

Crystalynn, please enjoy Ferrin and Erick's prequel. The first of many snippets from their lives.

In a world where no one has a name and everyone has thousands.

"Come on!"

Two boys found themselves desperate for an escape, for a reality that wasn't based in hate an anger and destruction.


It was pointless, the pale haired, slender male had a hold so tight on the protesting wrist that it felt like there would be a bruise.. Just the same he never tried to pull away or fight the grip; the darker haired male knew the grip was not violent, it was fearful if anything…

"We can't"

Something in the way he spoke made it sound like the light haired male was honestly afraid that if they stopped running something bad would happen… It wasn't irrational, there was a gun war going on two blocks behind them. They were lucky to have left when they did, if they had waited just ten more minutes they would have been trapped like everyone who had stayed behind was..

There was a sound like sirens, the dark haired boy knew it wasn't help. Military police only, and only to kill anyone with a gun and arrest anyone without. The slightly stockier boy grunted as his surprisingly strong companion flung him almost mercilessly into a crevice between houses and pinned his black covered body against the darker haired boy. They were both breathing hard, but his light haired friend seemed especially loud; coarse, chapped lips letting out breathing pants of air. It almost made the dark haired boy jump when he spoke so softly and sweetly.

"For all this time… I could never let you go.. Neither of us have names, so it makes us one person.."

The remarkably sentimental words widened the dark haired boys eyes.. Yes, neither of them had real names. They both had nicknames, because after a while 'hey you' made everyone turn to look but no one had names… Some gangs only had numbers for their members, or titles… Names had stopped having any kind of meaning so people eventually stopped using them. Children stopped getting named, mostly people were assigned numbers.. Some people didn't exist.. He didn't exist, and neither did his light haired companion.

The sirens were gone and they were both off again, the dark haired boy being tugged along, unsure of why he kept lagging behind.. It wasn't like he wanted to escape any less but…


The word came out as barely more than a whisper.. But who had said it? Had it been his breath or an echo from the extension of his arm?

There was a sharp stop, he nearly ran into the other boy. They were coming to the end of the houses, soon they would be in the city proper. It was more dangerous, but if they could just make it to the train they would be safe.

"No matter what they say… We're the same."

That time it was his companions voice, strong and determined, yet with undertones that he could not place… The grip on his wrist tightened. There would definitely be a bruise.


His own voice didn't sound so strong, but for some reason the undertones sounded opposite and whatever they had meant, the light haired male gave him a look that was encouraging.. Like he had said the perfect thing to keep the other going.

The motion was so fast he didn't even know how it happened but suddenly he was crushed against the chest of the other, his head tucked against the light haired boys chest, a chin resting on top of his own, arms wrapped around him so tightly he almost couldn't breath.

"I've been in love with you always… So for tonight, we're the same…"

The words sounded foreign, but somehow fitting.. He couldn't breath but the crushing weight was comforting, like he was shielded from the madness of a nameless world.

"You don't even know my name."

There was a dry, sad laugh. His own or his companions, he honestly wasn't sure he knew..

"It doesn't matter. We're if we're the same then we go by the same thing."

It made sense, it was perfectly logical… None the less, he wished in that moment more than anything that his white haired companion had a name.. How badly he wanted to call it out in a whisper.

But as quickly as it had happened, the arms were gone, the hand on his wrist was as tight and forceful as ever and he was running into the city. His wrist didn't hurt anymore. They were the same, it was just where they linked…


In the surprisingly pleasant lighting of the train, the dark haired male's grungy hair took on an almost shimmering brown that would dull to a healthier shade once he'd cleaned it properly. Sleepy eyes opened to peer at his companion. "Huh..?" He'd been vaguely aware of how the older male kept making weird sounds like trying to remember a word, but he hadn't paid much attention until the same word had been repeated several times.

Pale, reddish-white hair fell in ashy locks into a sharply defined face that finally turned to look directly at his sleepy companion. "You're name. I think you're a Ferrin." He answered the question with a smile.

"That so..?" Ferrin… It wasn't a bad name, he supposed it could suit him very well. Anything was better than 'black brain' which had been his nickname. A name acquired by his almost cynically brutal view of everything. Ferrin treated everything like a war game; in doing so he had saved at least a dozen lives.. None of which would have his and Trigger's protection now. "If you got to name me, does that mean I name you?" He straightened a bit and sat up across from his pale haired companion.

Trigger shrugged. "It sounds fair enough." His ashy hair looked more sooty in the light, the dirt was causing it to take on strange colors.. Not for the first time, Ferrin wondered if his companions hair might be a truly albino color once it was properly cleaned.

Ferrin mulled over things in his head.. He had once been an avid reader, one of the older members of the gang had taught him the alphabet and numbers to help him become a hacker. Ferrin had never really gotten good at it, but he had become a fairly accomplished reader and devoured any book he could find in the wretched little colony they had just escaped.. One name came to him, the main character of some book he had read a long time ago. "Erick.." Ferrin said the name slowly, then more confidently. "I think Erick will suit you better than Trigger."

Erick laughed. "Yeah? Well, I like it. From now on, we're Ferrin and Erick." There was a familiar shine in the light haired man's eye as he caught Ferrin with his gaze. "The night is over…"

Ferrin nodded. "We're separate people now.. We have different names, they won't bury us together anymore." He agreed to the unanswered question. Dark hair fell over his eyes as he studied the expression that suddenly came over Erick's face.. He had never properly replied to Erick's confession what was now many hours past. "But parts of us will always be the same… We're not the same person, but that doesn't change us." He reached out and put his hand over Erick's.

Erick smiled, he seemed to get the message. He flipped his hand over to hold Ferrin's. Something in the tender way those calloused fingers gripped the dark haired boy's hand… It reminded him of the dark bruise forming on his wrist, a bruise he didn't care to hide. It was like a mark of victory… Erick had lead him to victory, he had gotten them both out alive, just like he promised… The bruise was almost a mark of honor for Ferrin.

Finally, Erick's grip tightened and became much less tender. "Ferrin… From now on we're inseparable. Even once we reach central station and enlist. We're the same person, so you can't leave me." There was a strange wavering in Erick's voice that Ferrin recognized to be hesitance.. He had made the exact same sound before every mission he wasn't positive would succeed.

Ferrin nodded. "We're the same. How could they split up a duo so perfect together? It's like dividing a face card in half."

Erick smiled, reassured once again. "Right! Let's show them how to put a stop to this war quickly."

Ferrin's face turned stern, like it always did before a fight between gangs or against the MP. "Right." They existed now, they had names instead of numbers.. Names made them strong, names gave them control of their own destinies.. Will power gave them control over the destinies of others… Ferrin wasn't about to back down.