just like a corpse you
don't move and say it's
because the music isn't
what you like and fix your
ridiculous glasses as if
you're better than every-
one else. so like a
dog i growl and curse
and take your hand and
drag you out of the
stupid party while you
shout and ask me what
the hell i'm doing (and,
really, i'm not even
sure). i take you to
my car which you,
of course, have to
comment on because
it's not up to your
"standards," but i
shove you in the
back anyways,
ignoring your protests
and knocking your
ugly glasses off
(you don't really
need them anyways,
they're just for show).
then i reach over
and turn on the
radio and let some
random pop or
rap or hip-hop
hit play as loud
as possible because
the look on your face
when i do is just
priceless. as you
begin to complain
and rant and be
that word you
won't admit you
are i pin you down
and you shout
that your weird
flannel shirt will
wrinkle and don't
acknowledge that
you've gone bright
pink because that's
"too mainstream."
so i kiss you,
because cliché things
like that are exactly
what piss you off.
and i pull back
and ask,

"do you ever shut up?"