Ahh, don't hate me! I just wasn't feeling the explict nature I had in this story. So I rewrote it. I will be able to maintain it better, and I some more twisted ideas to add. I hope you all enjoy this one more! I am so sorry!

Escape. The word bounced off of the cracked wooden walls of her prison. A small sliver of light entered the tiny shack. Two men entered the building their bodies large with strength. A small blonde girl looked up from the corner, her green eyes darting about the now lighted room. She pushed herself further into the corner, her feet digging into the soft soil beneath her. A loud scratching sound could be heard as she dug her nails into the walls trying to escape from the two men.

"Thought you were going to hide again this mating season?" The dark voice muttered. "Too bad this alpha knows of your tricks. Now change." The girl shook her head, the blonde curls bouncing around her face like wildfire. The larger man shook his head with a smile.

"No please," the girl begged as they threw her into the dirt. She screamed loudly as they held her down, her face digging into the soft soil. Her skin became sickeningly white as they injected her with the potion. They backed away from her twitching body as the change took place. Her convulsing body began to grow, her spine arched and her rib cage expanded. The dark claws escaped her fingernails, the thick size much larger then her human nails. The light fur of her new form grew, its blondish color resembling her human hair.

"There it is done," one of the men commented, his brown hair moving with his sharp features. A loud snarl escaped the small wolf's throat. She knew who they were, she remembered. This wolf was merely her second half. The wolf half, she is a werewolf, but everyone in this village is. The men moved forward carefully, there were now six of them. The tallest one stayed behind, his eyes taking aim at her hind leg. A loud shot escaped his gun, the wolf before them fell, her dark green eyes falling into a deep sleep. As they began to move her they removed the dart from her thigh. She was much smaller than the other werewolves in the village, it took only six men to carry her, the average was eight.

The men placed her sleeping body in the mating stockades. They locked her head and waist into the wooden chains. They then proceeded to chain her ankles; the solid steel was still cold to the touch in the morning air. As the sun reached the top of the trees, she began to wake, her body instinctively fighting against the binds. The wood was reinforced with steel as well, so it was no use. It was mating season in her village and a new alpha was present. The old alpha passed away during the harsh winter, allowing a new one to step forward. As was custom the first mating of the season must be done with the alpha's first and only choice. Also as custom all mating must be done in werewolf form, as well as birth. The young wolf in the stockades looked down at the dirt beneath her feet, she has been mating age for two years and for two years she has disappeared into the woods to avoid mating season. Ever since she was of age the alpha's have requested her, but with her nowhere to be found she was soon forgotten; but this alpha was different, he knew her tricks and had her put in that awful shack before she could escape. Now here she was trapped in the mating stockades her body about to be violated. Most first matings were not done this way, but some had to be forcefully done.

The thought of what would happen after terrified her. After mating in the stockades for three days, she would be brought back to the alpha's house. There she would live and raise his children. There was no such thing as marriage in her village, but after this mating she would be claimed the alphas for the rest of his rein and he would be hers. He would not mate with any other wolf; if he did she would be released from his grasp. She watched sadly as the people from the village climbed into the bleachers to watch the first mating. Many of her friends waved, their kind faces offering her happiness.

"Welcome one and all," his sweet voice sent shivers down her spine. "I am very glad many of you have come to watch the first mating of the season. As is custom I have chosen my lifelong mate, her name is Aileen. She is wanted by many men in the village and has been wanted by past alphas. I am sorry that they did not get to enjoy her like I will. Let the mating chants begin!" As the crowd began to chant the soothing words of the ancients, the alpha began to change into his wolf form. His body began to grow, his hands began large saucers and his tail a long powerful whip. The black fur of his body shined brightly in the sun. He was a wonderful sight, he was the largest wolf of the village, it took twelve men if not more to carry him.

A loud howl escaped his lips, as the crowd began to chant louder; New blood is wanted for the mix, a mating done will do the trick.Aileen began to shake as the alpha approached her, his blue eyes dancing with passion. He circled her, his nose pressing into her soft fur, Aileen closed her eyes refusing to look at him. His tongue climbed up her face, leaving a long trail of saliva. The crowd continue to chant, many clapping with enjoyment as the first mating began to unfold. Aileen felt his large body climb on top of her. His paws dangling off of her sides. Aileen held back a bark as he entered her body. His presence was overwhelming, as their bodies became connected as one Aileen felt his presence inside her head.

We are one now, you and I. Enjoy me Aileen, I can feel your resistance. You can't fight me.Aileen ignored his words, her mind attempting to shut him out. The crowd grew louder still in anticipation of the finale. Aileen felt him climb deeper into her, pushing his mind more into her with each swift thrust. His paws began to rest on her back as he came to his climax, his weight becoming more present with each second. A loud howl exited his throat as he finished, the connection and mating done. Aileen shook her head as the crowd clapped, she could feel him exit her body, but somehow he was still there. She opened her eyes; the sun was already higher in the sky. How long was that? Aileen asked herself. Aileen looked down, as the alpha stood in front of her, his eyes looking over her carefully. You treat it as if that took two years my mate.Aileen tried to push him out of her head, but it was no use, he was there to stay.

He changed in front of her, his perfectly sculpted human body a sight to see. His black hair swirled around his head as he turned back to the crowd, his body completely naked. "Friends, family, followers, I thank you for being here to witness the first mating and connection with my mate! I will hold this day in my heart forever, now enjoy one another, I know I will continue to enjoy my mate until the day I die," his voice rang out, echoing into the sky above him. The crowd cheered, their laughter and happiness wrapped around Aileen like an unwanted hug. They soon began to exit, the males already looking over the newest women who were now of age.

The six men who had collected Aileen stepped forward looking at the alpha expectantly. The alpha turned, a smile plastered to his face. "Go set up the ring, you know there will be fights over who gets who," the men nodded with a smile, their bodies pressed tightly together as they exited into the small village before them. The alpha looked at Aileen, his eyes trailing over her now human body. The potion wore off, leaving her hanging loosely in the mating stockades. She was already climbing out of them, when the alpha grabbed a hold of her. Aileen fought against him until she became out of breath. He continued to hold her against him, their naked bodies pressed tightly together.

"Even though we mate like this for two more days, I will still continue to enjoy you at home in your human form," he mumbled into her neck. "Of course you will already be pregnant so it will not be against the customs. Oh you will make me beautiful children Aileen, just accept me. Don't fight me, although that always makes it more fun. I will be here for a long time so you need to get used to me being inside of you." Aileen looked away, her ears picked up the familiar sound of fighting. She used to listen to the sound in the woods when she was hiding. Her blonde curls bounced off of her face as she continued to look around the arena.

"Why me?" Aileen asked in a quiet voice. The alpha chuckled, his arms lifting her off of the ground. Aileen didn't fight him, it was no use.

"You should know the answer to that Aileen," he said her name sweetly the sound bringing back past memories. The shack filled her sight as it drew closer. The alpha opened the door carefully, attempting not to damage her body in any way. Aileen stood perfectly still as he placed the steel chain around her ankle. She sat on the ground, her fingers reaching for the blanket in the corner. The alpha turned towards the door, his body casting a shadow across the floor. "Aileen and Isaiah, has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? See you soon my mate, and try to be happier when I arrive." Aileen wrapped the blanket tightly around her body as he left the shack, trapping her in darkness once again.

"But you were my best friend," Aileen cried as she pressed the blanket into her tear soaked face.