This title of this is Scrapbook because I think that that is what it's gonna turn out to be; little scraps: journal excerpts, letters that will never be sent, half- thought out advice that I should probably take myself, all rolled into one thing, because to me it kind of feels like it all belongs together. Think of it as a really really really screwed up autobiography, almost.

So, this first "chapter" is a semi- Author's Note (because I feel like the contents of this work needs to be detailed out) and semi- an actual entry. It's kind of gonna act like the first entry in a journal, you know, when you detail out who you are and why you're writing (at least, that's how all of my journals seem to start out… I have no idea if this is normal for anyone else).

First of all, everything in this is probably ninety- nine percent real. I just felt like that should be clarified. So, if I insult you or your culture in any way (if there is actually anyone reading this) I apologize in advance. I don't mean to, and I'm sure that you're all lovely people, but part of this may or may not be (I have not clarified yet) my opinions on various matters. If my views don't equal yours, don't comment on that. If you actually want to talk it out with me, that's awesome and my PM box is totally open for discussion. But please don't comment just to yell at me or condemn me for anything, because I don't appreciate that and it hurts my feelings.

Second of all, everything in this is probably going to be really really really screwy. Parts of it are going to be from my own journals and whatnot, and I'd love to be able to leave those as unedited as possible, because I feel that it adds to it (what "it" is exactly, I have yet to find out). Add to that that parts of this are going to just be my thoughts and rambles and you're in for a really messed up time. So… sorry about that. This is meant more for an outlet for me and my pent-up emotions then an actual piece of work, although I may break the fourth wall at random times, to like, give messed up advice or ask for opinions (if I even get readers) or whatever. I know that I could probably just write this all on my own and never put it out, but I just… feel like I need to put it somewhere, to see if people feel the same and whatnot, if you understand (which you probably don't, but whatever). And yes, I know that there's a great possibility that no one reads this, but again, this is an outlet for me.

So, this "online journal" of sorts is probably going to include any number of the following: journal entries/ excerpts, advice, letters (anonymous, of course), rants, rambles and opinions. If any of those speaks to you in a really weird way and you need to talk about it, feel free. I love talking. Seriously. My PM box is always open if you need to talk. So this can also be seen as a "Help Column" as well… I guess (I'm sorry, I'm literally writing this off the top of my head, so there's gonna be a lot of random breaks in my thought process when my mind blanks out).

That's all I can really think of telling you right now. I look forward to talking/ sharing with you (again, if I get any readers…. I really have to stop assuming I will).


P.S. Oh and one more thing. I go by a variety of names. I blame my friends. So fully expect to see random and different sign-offs, because what I go by depends on my mood. Okay?

P.P.S. This is probably gonna be uploaded on various websites, so if you frequent those websites and recognize this, know that it is probably not plagiarized or anything… so yeah.