I was working on an upcoming chapter of the story when someone outside started to ride a motorcycle back and forth on the street. Seriously it went on all fucking day and night so it's hard to concentrate on the chapter of a certain story I'm trying to write for you readers. Knowing that I can't let my readers down just because some stupid jackass was out having a joyride on his motorbike. For several hours and for several days that same noise kept on ring in my head and I couldn't stand it so I decided to do something about this. It's either that or wait until he Roethlisberger himself onto someone's car, but the latter would take a while since it's in the suburbs.

I went out and yelled, "Hey stop ride this crap, some of us are trying to sleep!"

Seriously it was 11 p.m.

The motorcycle rider stopped and flipped me off saying, "Fuck you!" before driving off.

I went back in and took out a crossbow. Soon I got out and walked to the middle of the street and wait few minutes until the motorcycle rider started to charge right toward me. As he began to sped up, I raise my crossbow and shot the arrow right at his face. Soon I had to jump out of the way in order to avoid getting hit by that sliding motorcycle. The motorcycle then drags the rider's body along as it hits someone's car, resulting in a massive explosion like something out of a bad Michael Bay flick.

I went back to my house and decided to take a nap before working on the next chapter so it's going to take a while.