Chapter 1

My mother wasn't the typical teenage mother. At the tender age of fifteen she decided that even though I "ruined her life", she would actually go through the pain of birthing me. Even after all her friends advised her to get an abortion, she stuck with her decision that murder was immoral. I never knew her, but I heard she was extremely religious. Her only downfall, her one demon, was my father.

My dad tells me that she was beautiful: she had curly black hair the color of sweet licorice and soft like the hairs of an infant. Her eyes were a sweet warm brown that sparkled and glittered in the light and often turned darker when she was experiencing strong emotions. She was skinny with hips that hadn't completely developed and legs that went on for miles. She was basically the complete opposite of myself.

"I feel in love with her on first sight", he often told me when I was young enough to actually care to ask.

I always considered the fact that they fell in love ironic and slightly comical. She was the church girl, he was the stoner: that would eventually knock her up a year after they began dating.

My mother couldn't get an abortion, but she could sure as hell get rid of me. She never told my father that she didn't plan on keeping me. According to him, they were planning on getting married and he would support us while she completed high school. She let him believe that, though the entire pregnant she was setting up her plans to leave. The day she went into labor dad rushed her to the hospital and she birthed me. When the doctors handed me to her with a smile on their faces a picture was snapped. My mother is looking down at me with a pinched expression and she's holding me away from her body like she's afraid I'm carrying a deadly disease.

"Shit", she replied as the nurse asked her what my name would be. The nurse looked over at my father with a puzzled look on her face. "Write down the name", my mother demanded without any consent from my father.

"Ma'am maybe you should reconsider, names are quiet important in this life."

My mother snapped at my father that Shit would be my name and if he didn't like it he had the option of not signing my birth certificate. My father, the love struck fool was blind enough to go along with it.

After my mother ran away my father went down to the courthouse and legally changed my name to Lily. But that nurse was right, the name stuck forever.