Normal POV:

Bells rang out through the evening as a newly wed couple made their way to the car. The guests poured out of the church, following the happy couple. The bride paused to throw her boquet, which a man with straight black hair caught, much to the jealousy of the women. The bride threw a kiss and climbed into the car. The car drove off to the plane that would take them to their honeymoon.

A small white quaint house sat with a blue roof, inside was the couple from before. They were in the nursery with their newborn baby. The baby was a small girl with brown hair in a pale pink footed pajama. The baby yawned largely, much to the parent's delight. The father picked up the little girl above his head and her bubbly laugh filled the nursery, but that was cut short by the door bell ringing. The father gave his precious daughter to his treasured wife, gave them both a kiss, and regretfully left to getting the door. The mother started to hum to her daughter until a loud yell filled the house, followed by a thud. The women froze with the daughter in her arms and looked towards the door. She backed up against the wall and put her necklace around the infant's neck. Instantly a bubble surrounded the child and the mother kissed the girl's forhead. Noticing the mother's unease, the baby started to cry. The mother took one last look at her baby before sending it away. At the same moment the door was blasted open and the mother stood strong, her back against the wall. A tall man with black hair stepped in with a broad black sword in his hand. He had a pale complexion and an angular face which turned to rage. He raised his sword at the women, furious beyond belief. A ear peircing shriek filled the house and then darkness.

A girl's eyes fluttered open and she sat up groggily. Sweat plastered her brown hair to her forehead. She clutched at her shirt wit her left hand as she tried to calm her heart. she didn't dare close her eyes, in case the images came back to her again. With eyes wide in fear, she reached into her shirt for her necklace. A silver key with a heart shaped handle was on the end of a white gold chain. The heart shaped handle had a small pink gem in the middle. The girl felt the necklace between her right thumb and index finger. As her nightmare came back to her once more, she couldn't help but notice the necklace she had on was the same as the one in her dreams. It's probably just because it's my necklace that it is in my dreams. With that one thought, she slowly got back under her covers and tried to go to sleep. But that night was spent with abrupt awakenings.

She was Katherine Yoro and who am I? I am in charge of getting her story out to those who will listen. She is a girl with brown hair that reaches her shoulder blades and bangs that fall to her eyes. Her eyes never cease to amaze me. They change with the world around her. Depending on where she is, the iris will change to adapt but they will always keep a green color. Her lips are plush with a soft red color painted on. Her cheeks had a bit of baby fat still clinging to it and her cheeks bones were high. Her complexion was light and she couldn't tan even if she wanted to. She was 5' 5", not much taller than I am now. Her age, well, she was sixteen and a sophomore.

Katherine is a sweet girl considering her background. She had been an orphan since she was seven, but I knew her before she was even born. Then a family adopted the poor child but love was not what she recieved. When she became ten, her "family" abused their authority over her, making her do work around the house like a maid. They allowed her to live a regular life outside the house, as long as she didn't mix her public and private life. She has gone through too many events for it to all be just a memory to us. So she let me enter her mind and her memories so I can tell everyone what she was going through during this time. Please listen to how she grew over the years.

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