White Walls

As I'm told, I'm crazy

Insane and incapable of love

Then what is this feeling that stirs within me

Whenever you come near?


As you're told, you're beautiful

Any man would have you

Yet for some reason I know not

You seem so full of fear.


Why is it you flinch when a man comes up beside you?

Why is it you blush and hide when any male comes near?

If you met me you'd know that not everyone is bad,

Yet I sit here behind these walls.

These whitewashed walls.


Every day I'm told

'Do as the nurses say'

They treat me like a simple child

Who refuses to do naught but play.


Yet look at you, outside, so free

All that I could ever wish to be

Yet they hurt you,

Somewhere deep inside, you're alive no longer.


If ever I could break out

Break out of these whitewashed walls

I'd run to you and tell you

I'd protect you with my life.


Yet still and still I lie awake

Trapped in these whitewashed walls

And pray that God

(For I believe He will listen

Even to a psychopath like me)

Will protect you in the night.


Yet one night, as I lie awake

I hear gentle footsteps down the hall

I awake to your face, staring at me behind the bars.

I finally see in your eyes; deep, pained, scarred.


A gentle gasp escapes your mouth

And then I know not why

But I cross my prison and whisper to you

What I've longed to, looking into your eyes.


"You," I whispered, "Are my angel,

I'd protect you with my life.

I'd kill all those that dare hurt you

With me you'd know not strife.


"My dearest darling angel

You mean so much to me

Your presence kept me alive

In a life without sympathy."


I'd have said more but she hushed me

And smiled and whispered prettily

"You to me are my angel

For I must speak in riddles,


"The one for you and the one for me

Stand across from each other, you see?

For every angel is its wings

I'm yours and you're mine


"We could stay together 'till the end

But tomorrow I'm sentenced to die."


And then I saw what doomed her

It lay upon her hand.

The silver wedding ring

A simple engagement band.


"You," I whispered, "Are my angel.

I'll protect you with my life

I'll break the curse they put on you

I'll kill this man by knife!


"Get the keys to my cell door

We'll run away together

I'll marry you if you marry me

We'll be each other's, forever."


She took a step away from me,

Then turned and left me then

I called after her but when

She didn't turn my hope was crushed, and then reborn again.


She came back with a ring of keys

And a bloody knife in her hand

Unlocked my door and let me out

And then we left. We ran.

So, basically, this is a poem about a man in an asylum who is in love with a young woman who he sees in the street, who has led a life where she was beaten and (possibly, decide for yourself) raped by her father. Little does he know, she has been watching him, and wishes to meet this strange man, who she believes to be some sort of guardian angel.

I could (and would) turn this into a story, if you'd like. Please, review and tell me what you think, I'd appreciate it greatly! (I'm not the best poet, and I know the first two stanzas are different than the rest of the poem, and not all of them are quatrain stanzas, but I welcome any type of constructive criticism.) Thanks for reading this!

Also, I apologize for the dots in between stanzas. I'm using microsoft word doc and even if I edit on the site, it won't save the spaces any other way.