So here it is, a fiction about a simple number. You like numbers?



A soda can in the wrong place.

It magically rolled away from my line of sight, away from my feet to end up under the breaks of the car, under my mother's boot. Then there was screeching, first from the car, then us as that eighteen-wheeler truck kissed the front fender of our Volvo and sent it spinning. What little I do remember was in slow motion, though it must have took only seconds . I remember something warm splashing my face and making my eyes water. Blood. Mom's blood.

On my face, all over the place. My sister Kathy's shriek from the passenger seat should have shattered all the windows. The car did a final roll, leaving us hanging upside down, and for a moment it was quiet. Kathy was shaking and bleeding. She's alive, but...

"Mom?" I managed to croak. "You okay? Mom?"

No answer, just a horrible lack of noise.

The silence is broken again as I scream. "Mom! MAMA!"

It was about three hours later that Marianne Hector was pronounced dead in the E.R.

Everyone else is fine, though. My sister and I, and the baby she has yet to give birth to…All three of us are just fine.

Three. How often does that number pop up in your life? Are you one of three siblings? Only have two living members of your family, like me? Or maybe you have a tight circle of friends. Or maybe not.

Either way, I'm positive three is lurking somewhere underneath, like the shark it is. I hope it hasn't caused you trouble, cursed you like it has us. I really do.

I'd love to explain everything, but right now I must go. My mother's funeral is in the next ten minutes. Kathy's been crying her eyes out, and I remember reading that distress does bad things to pregnant women. I have to calm her down and somehow convince her that none of this is her fault.

We'll talk later, I assure you. You're pretty much all I've got to look forward to now.

Until then.

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This isn't based on anyone or anything. If you think this is ripping something/someone else off, feel free to tell me but be aware it was not intentional.

Somethings to establish: The main Hector here is Syna (SEE-nah), short for a horrible name. I do hope you enjoy the rest of your day. :)