Allow me to clear things up: BEDTIME STORY sections don't really count as part of the main plot, but they pertain to the story in what I hope are obvious ways. Think of them as flashbacks.

An Incomplete Bedtime Story Page 2

Once upon a time, there was a young childless couple whose names were Philius and Melena Hector. They were good and hard-working, but mostly kept to themselves.

They lived in a tiny, pleasant and humble little village that as of late was going through hard times.

The village crops had failed just as a drought set in, and so the people were doomed to either starve or die of thirst.

Days passed. Bellies began to rumble, and Death patiently stood waiting. Their many dry mouths yawned open, and drool dripped from their jowls. It was not long before the once good villagers stopped seeing their own neighbors as other people, and started reaching for their scythes and pitchforks.

The Hectors woke up to screaming, howling, and perhaps most frightening, deranged laughter…

The Hectors ran outside their home and were horrified at what they saw.

Their neighbor Amanda's baby boy sat alone in the dirt, crying, wearing nothing more than tatters. He was sitting in a pool of blood, next to what remained of his mother. Her arm still curled around his shaking body. Other bodies were strewn around, some who had died on their backs, and lay staring up at the heavens. Philius saw a bloodied scythe and took it while Melena tried to quiet the child. Then they heard and felt sprinting feet pounding the earth. The feet belonged to Philius' cousin, and fast at his heels was Melena's grizzled father. But Philius was not aware of this, so he had to assume they were hostile.

As soon as he saw movement at the corner of his eye, Philius swung the scythe in a wide arc.

His cousin dropped to his knees and threw his head backward, just barely escaping death.

Melena's father was not so fortunate…

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