She walked of the elevator dressed in her usual three piece business suit and high heels, but when Kent looked at Kylie, he saw a goddess.

Her mahogany hair settled on her shoulders, in soft curls, her face was wide and intelligent. Like him, she kept herself in fighting shape but unlike him, she preferred to do her fitness training outdoors, hiking the neighboring mountains with her friends and occasionally a boyfriend as well. He knew she loved to camp and to go on weekend fishing trips, hiking miles though the thickest brush and barest trails to find that elusive spot where she'd reel in enough fish to hold a cookout.

The outfit she wore now was to be taken seriously inside a conference room or in front of the judge and jury in court. Still, it flattered her figure or rather her figure flattered it.
Kylie was one of the hottest civil rights attorneys in San Francisco. She had been since she set up her shingle in the suite next to his on top of the 10 story building that offered a view of the harbor. He practiced corporate law, had been since they both graduated from different law schools five years ago.

She looked at him as she passed by on the way to her office.

"Hi stranger, how are things hanging for you?"

He smiled at her, feeling suddenly tongue tied which shouldn't be the case, they had known each other forever.

"Great…I won that motion in front of the judge," he said, "Not that the opposition didn't threaten to hit us with more pencil whipping."

She sighed.

"Yeah…well I got hit with another slew of motions myself on the ADA case," she said, "The business should just put in the ramp, it'd cost them less money."

"Still on for later?"

They had the usual tentative plans to meet at his place to eat wings and drink plenty of beer while taking in the Giants game with a room packed with other rowdy fans.

She furrowed her brow.

"I'd have thought you'd be out on with one of your string of women," she said, "All out of town for the weekend?"

He forced a smile on his face, but then that came easily with practice.

"Nah, I'm stag tonight," he said, "So I'll see you there…I'm leaving early today, got to take Stocks and Bonds to the park…they've been tearing up the townhouse."

She shook her head at the names he'd given his dogs, some people thought they were odd choices for pet names but she got it.

"I'll see you later," was what she said before disappearing in her office, leaving nothing but a trace of his favorite cologne in her wake.

Kylie shut the door behind her and went into her office, not bothering with the messages. She knew her voice mail would be packed and she saw that her paralegal had already left for the weekend.

The weather had been forecast to be a typical sunny day, not too hot and she had planned to go hiking with Devin from the accounting firm downstairs but he'd canceled out on her yesterday so she didn't know what she wanted to do. Maybe she should ask Kent…but no she didn't think he'd go for a hike. His tastes ran more towards riding his motorcycle up the windy coastal highway or taking his sailboat out around the marina. They weren't all that much alike but somehow…they'd been tight since the time they had been assigned to the same kindergarten class.

Platonic of course, why bust up such a great friendship with sheet wrinkling sex which tended to complicate everything? Besides, Kent had no problems getting laid with all the women she heard him hooking up with after work. But god, she often wondered, because underneath that business suit, she knew his hours in the gym had made him rock hard. He could play a mean game of racquet ball, he had left her prostrate on the court after 10 minutes against him and all she could think about was when he reached his hand to help her up, was pulling him down on top of her so she could finally know what that felt like, to feel his hard body against her softness.

Not that it would ever happen like that in real life because he'd never even looked at her that way, best to leave anything else to her fantasies.

Kent had straightened out his townhouse before Kylie arrived, and had fixed up the chicken wings that he'd picked up on the way home from the dog park. They usually crashed on the couch watching the games with the wings between them so they'd get equal share. The beers were on ice, waiting and the flat screen television primed to go. Stocks and Bonds had settled down with some new raw hide chews, growling softly in delight.

He looked forward to the Giants game but having Kylie on the couch with him would be the high point. She usually dressed casual in soft cotton slacks and a tee-shirt accentuating her shapely frame, her breasts pushing against the front of it, behind usually some silly slogan.

He knew he'd sit there like he always did wondering what they felt like as he caressed them. Creamy soft globes spilling out of her lacy bra, into his hands, which would squeeze them gently.

Would they be tipped by a rosy hue that would harden beneath his touch? He found himself drawn into his collection of fantasies that he harbored about his best friend, ones that he of course had never shared with her. But he thought about what it'd be like if when she came inside the door, he didn't act as he always did, telling her to hit the couch while he fetched the beers since he was hosting. What if instead, he slipped up behind her quietly as she walked in the door, looking for him and placed his hands around her waist pulling her closer to him instead? The scent of her cologne would intoxicate him as he kissed the nape of her neck, would she pull away from him? No, not in his fantasies, not at all, she would want it too.

She would murmur softly as he kissed her and reached his hands from her waist to cup her breasts which though sheathed by a couple layers of clothing would harden in his hands. Far from being uncomfortable, she'd arch herself while he palmed her, asking him in whispers to touch her in other places.

And oh he would…as soon as he got her clothing off. Would he rip through it in a frenzy of lust or peel it off layer by layer, the latter because he wanted to know every inch of her body and to kiss it.

The birthmark he knew existed on her lower back. The tattoo of a butterfly she had told him about that existed below her bikini line. It had always played a prominent part of his fantasies.

He knew where the scars were on her shoulder from where a surgeon had repaired a dislocating shoulder and the thin silver lines on one foot from where she'd been sliced by sharp rock while fishing off a jetty. But he didn't know whether the tips of her breasts turned a darker pink when aroused and how her pussy would feel when it sheathed his erection. Did she cry out when she climaxed or did she keep it inside of her? Did she like it hard and fast, or having a man's cock thrust inside her slow and leisurely?
They'd been so close and yet he knew so little about her, and damn, he wanted to change that. Because somewhere along the line he had fallen in love with his best friend and he wanted to know all of her including how to make her scream. His name and not some other guy's.

His cock tightened beneath his pants in agreement.

Kylie drove to his house, a dessert pie sitting next to her on the seat. She looked forward to a couple hours kicking back and relaxing with Kent like they always did during baseball season.

Still, she wondered what he thought while they sat close enough so their shoulders brushed comfortably while they were watching the screen. She found that as often as not, she hadn't been thinking about the game, she had been thinking about upping the ante in their relationship. Here, she had been sitting on a couch with a hot looking guy and why wasn't she doing anything about it?

He certainly hadn't made the moves on her but then he had his pick of any woman in San Fran so why her? But oh, her fingers itched to touch him, to slip beneath his shirt and play with those coppery nipples that she had seen when they'd gone swimming together, and her mouth wanted so badly to brush against his, to part his lips with her tongue and to slide it inside just to taste him.

Heat flashed through her at the thought but she liked where this was going and besides, it was just inside her head and not for real, right so what was the harm? In her harmless fantasies, she could lean towards him on that couch and kiss his mouth gently at first and then, more intently, and in her imagination, he kissed her back, tasting every corner of her mouth.

Sweat broke out on the nape of her neck as she thought about reaching towards his shirt and pulling it over his head, so she could see that firm chest, sprinkled with dark hair and lap at those dusky nipples with her tongue. He liked that and in the interest of equality of course, she'd take off her own shirt and…her bra and a jolt filled her as she imagined his mouth on her breasts, one at a time, while she arched her head back…hoping he would yes, take a nipple inside and suckle it.

Oh yes…she had to make sure she focused on traffic because she almost ran a red light back there. But her pussy dampened her panties as she imagined them both naked, their clothes…gone and he licking her in between her thighs…and of course he was a god. The soft strokes around her clitoris, teasing it as it tightened in frustration until…yeah the harder hits of his tongue and oh…if he'd thrust it inside her tight channel, she'd grab his back and push him even closer. He wouldn't do his oral action in passing…no he'd spend plenty of time nursing and then ripping those orgasms right out of her.

She sighed as the traffic began to jam up near the Fisherman's Wharf. Okay, plenty of time to move onto the best part, when he gently pushed her on the sofa simply through the weight of his body and she parted her thighs for him, and he'd buck those hips she had grabbed and thrust inside her with his engorged cock, past the tightness of her pussy which would then draw him into its warm slickness.

Oh…time to start moving again, and so would he rocking against her slowly, tentatively at first filling her up with his width, stretching her pussy to the point it almost burned but oh, the pleasure of when he settled into a rhythm. She'd take him on top of her and of course, it'd work as well if he watched her with that smile of his while she lowered himself oh so slowly, inch by inch on his velvety hardness, feeling very millimeter of squeeze inside of her. She'd ride him and change the rhythm of her movement before he could get used to it. Oh they might be best friends but he didn't know everything about her.

In every scenario, they exploded into the most intense climaxes together though she knew in reality it hardly ever happened that way. And then wrapped up in his arms afterward, their bodies drying together, their hearts as one, he'd gaze in her eyes and tell her he had loved her his whole life.

Whoa, okay maybe she'd have to rethink that but the rest of it…her pussy throbbed and her blood filled with the kind of heat…that not even a no hitter by the Giants would touch. No, she needed Kent and she needed him as soon as she stepped over his threshold leaving the rest of the world behind them.

She bit her lip as she tried to plan things out a bit, like her approach…would she go through with it or lose her will as soon as she saw him?

Kent heard the doorbell ring and went to answer it, wondering what he would do with his best friend. Of course there was the baseball that they both loved but his cock had hardened beneath his pants and stayed that way. Only one woman could take care of that for him and she stood even further away than the few inches of door that separated them.

So he thought about his approach as he reached for the door knob.