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Chapter 7

I was rather confused at the look Jonas was giving me, it was a toss-up between anger, shock and disbelief. Finally he swallowed and leant forward on his elbows to speak.

"You mean, that you were diagnosed with a terminal illness and you never bothered to tell me?"

I raised a brow at him. "We weren't exactly best buddies, so it was none of your business. And after we moved I saw no point in getting in touch telling you or anyone else here. It's not a big deal."

I was rather stunned when he got up out of his seat and crouched next to me, I stared at him wondering what he was playing at. I jumped a mile when his hand reached out to caress my thigh, not expecting the gentle touch. I wasn't use to people being gentle and was never certain how to react.

"Carrie, I can never let anything happen to you, if anything like that happens again, I need you to tell me."

I narrowed my eyes. "Why should I?"

He actually growled and straightened so that he was leaning close to my face, I blinked wondering if I shouldn't look him in the eyes, isn't that what made dogs attack?

"Because you are my mate and your safety and health is my top priority."

I pushed him back so he bumped into his lovely hand carved table, then I stood and pointed an accusing finger at him. "Mate? Don't think I don't know what that is, I've read plenty of paranormal romances in my teenage years, if you think because you're wolfs nose likes my scent that that means you have a right to be in a relationship with me, then think again Fido!"

I was certain calling a werewolf Fido would class as an insult, but low and behold, I was wrong. A huge grin split up Jonas's face.

"So you read books on us did you? Good, even though most of it is bullshit, they got the hot sex part right, as well as the claiming. So I won't need to waste my breath on explaining."

I blinked trying to not think about the books I had read, I had felt so naughty when I was a teenager, but heck if my brother could stash porn magazines why couldn't I read a few scenes that had a good plot? And the mere thought of Jonas, with me, in one of those scenes had my brain malfunctioning for a second, the rest of my body however decided to wake up and tingle. I shifted my stance a bit as arousal had my clothes feeling uncomfortable.

Jonas' nostrils flared and a rumbling growl echoed from his chest. "Perfect timing."

In a blink I was no longer standing, the world tilted, and a boulder slammed into my stomach. Disoriented it took me a while to realise that Jonas had thrown me over his shoulder, my blonde curls flew all over the place and I could just see his buttocks flexing as he walked.

"Hey but me down you ape!" I screamed gripping a handful of his shirt to push up. I yelp as a sharp sting echoed across my butt cheeks.

"Wolf, not ape, let's get the species right love." He said as he smacked my butt again.

"Oh for god's sake I'm not five, put me down. Down Fido, now!"

Another smack had me yelping again at the sharpness of it, though it was harder his palm lingered to caress my butt, the cheeky sod was copping a feel! I saw the stairs flash by under his feet and I just knew he was heading for the bedroom. That wild part of me that I had felt a few times since I was bitten raised its head, I didn't even realise what I was doing till Jonas stopped moving and I realised I had his flesh and shirt in my mouth, my teeth clamped on tightly through to the skin.

"At lease your wolf knows what you want." He said with a deep baritone to his voice, his grip shifted on my waist and I was suddenly airborne. I bounced on the mattress and flicked my head to the side so my hair swished out of my way.

"What the hell are you playing at Jonas? This isn't funny!"

My gaze travelled beyond him and around the room…..it wasn't the guest room I had been staying in. Instead I had a funny feeling it was his, the dark mahogany furniture that he'd probably made himself, the fireplace on one wall and the huge bay window that showed the moon that would soon be full. The sheets underneath me where a deep green and silk, my fingers started tracing a pattern just to feel them even as I still studied, no signs of a girlfriend being here, but there was a photo of his parents on the dresser.

"I'm not playing, you're the one who's been playing with me. But I can't stand it no more, you're here, with me, we want each other, and now we're going to be together." He reached up to pull his shirt over his head.

I straightened and sat cross legged on the bed, pretending that what he was implying didn't have my hormones reacting. "Gee that was a romantic proposal, do you over that up to all the girls you jump into bed with? We've had this conversation, I'm not going to be one of your flings."

He bent and kicked off his shoes and pulled his socks off, by the time I'd finished speaking he had just paused on undoing the top button of his jeans, no sign of underwear yet.

"And I've said you're not a fling. Carrie how can I make you see that I care for you, a wolf mate is a Fated, which means we work perfectly together and we're meant to be. It doesn't mean we have no choice with who we want to be with, but it's simply that when we find that perfect somebody for us we want for no one else. I'm serious about us."

I frowned thinking, I may have never been one to be all lovey dovey and flowers and kisses kind of girl, but could I try to be with Jonas, what if he expected me to stay with him forever? I had never done a major commitment in my life.

"What if I don't want to be with you?" I asked honestly and staring at his face, waiting to see a hint of a lie.

He knelt at the edge of the bed, his hands resting on my knees. "I'd never force you to do anything, not if it upset you so much, hurt you or put you in danger. It goes against every instinct I possess; I want you as a wolf and as a man. But it's still your choice, you need to know what you want. We both want each other physically, that I can tell from your scent alone, we'll start off small I won't expect you to join in a relationship straight away with full time commitment, we'll take it a day at a time. Can you give me that much?"

I thought over his words, his fingers caressing my knees, then higher to my thighs, I stopped them with my own hands before they could reach the apex of my legs.

A smile played over my lips as he looked up at me quizzically. "The sex better be good."

Jonas grinned back. "Oh baby, I promise, it'll be great and beat any of the books you've ever read."

He leant forward and his hands cupped my face as he pulled me to him, the kiss wasn't gentle, it was hard and demanding, sort of like the itchy feeling I had to be skin to skin with him.

He leant forward more, slowly pushing me back against his bed till I was flat on my back, his hands let go of my face to trail down my neck, then to my aching breasts. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I kissed him back, our tongues tangling, I gasped as he pinched my nipple through my clothes, his other hand massaging the opposite breast. He lowered his face as he trailed kisses to my chest, I swallowed trying to process the feelings washing through me.

That was a lost cause when he jerked my top up to reveal my bra clad breasts and with a tug of his teeth divided the fabric at the centre so my breasts spilled forth. His mouth was hot as it trailed over me, doing nothing to ease the burning ache between my thighs. It only fanned the flames as his lips enclosed over one nipple and tugged strongly, teasing it with his teeth as his tongue flicked. My hands clenched in his hair, tugging to either stop or for more I'm not sure. My legs pushed against the mattress as my back arched, my head tilting to the side as my eyes closed in bliss, he turned his attention to my other lonely breast and repeated the same actions, to the point that I was sweating and panting.

No man had ever made me nearly come from just fondling my breasts before, but here I was, balancing on the very edge of ecstasy. Jonas was right this did beat the books I had read. This was great!

He balanced up on his elbows slightly and kissed my nose, I opened my eyes to look at him, lord don't let that be it, I'd rip his balls off if he was done. I stared into his deep green eyes and felt a little chill, there was nothing but pure determination in that gaze.

"I haven't even started yet baby, just you wait." He said kissing my swollen lips.

I reacted and kissed him back, deepening it till we were exchanging breaths and my legs curled around his hips. Another thrill went through me at the feel of the bulge in the front of his jeans rubbing me in all of the right places.

A breathless plea left my lips as he rubbed right on my clit, a semblance of some relief even as inside my muscles clenched and wanted more. Jonas growled, his hands going between us and with a slight tug he ripped my shirt and bra off me, not waiting to stop the kiss for the few seconds of getting them off.

My hands traced down his chest and scratched at his abs, his stomach muscles tensed and his hips pushed tighter against me, so I did it again and he groaned. My fingers felt the slight raise of scars I carried on my exploration and traced his abs, his ribs, down his sides and to his hips, running my fingers to the front where the fly was strained with his erection. I rubbed my palm against it slightly and I shifted up the bed as he pushed into me. I scooted back so I could reach between the gap and pull down the sip, he sprang free and it seemed Jonas chose to go commando. From the feel alone he was pretty impressive, certainly had nothing on my ex's and I doubt he got any shit in the locker rooms. I wrapped my hand around him and gently squeezed.

His head snapped up from our kiss. "Jesus Carrie, that feels so fucking good, you make me so hard, I wonder if you're as wet as I am hard."

His hands went to my jeans and in quick work he had them undone and pushed them down to the top of my knees. My hands were busy still exploring him, my thump circling the tip and the pre-cum that beaded there, I spread it along the slit before tracing my nails along the underside.

He jerked out of my hand in the next moment, a snarl coming from him. "Hell Carrie, you keep doing that and I'll come like a hormonal teenager."

He stood at the end of the bed and frowned down at me, I was about to ask him what was wrong when he bent, grabbed my jeans and yanked them all the way off and did the same with my bikini briefs. I felt the immediate need to cover myself, but if Jonas could stand there with me looking at him in his birthday suit then I could too, no matter how uncomfortable I felt. His frown left and he grinned.

"You grew up gorgeous Carrie, all the curves in the right places, I'm going to enjoy making you scream my name and make you come again and again."

I raised a brow at him and pointed glanced at his cock. "That's a tall order to fill, you sure you can stand up to it? Because I don't scream for any man."

Jonas smirked and placed a knee on the edge of the bed, grabbing my legs to bend them and push them up to my chest. "I'm sure I'll die trying baby. Damn you're so fucking wet."

I hissed a breath as he gently ran a finger along my entrance, spreading my wetness all around and up to my clit where he circled and pinches. I jolted a breathless gasp coming from me.

"Not good enough, I want a scream Carrie, not wordless gasps, an actual scream."

He vanished from my view as he lowered even more and I felt hot air on the inside of my thigh. My muscles quivered in anticipation as he turned his head blow on my clit, his fingers stretching the labia apart so he could kiss it then lick it. My hips twisted as all my nerve endings firing up, more dampness spreading down my thighs. As he had done with my breasts his lips sucked on my clit and his teeth teased it, his tongue flicking back and forth over the sensitive bud. My breathing came out accelerated and my eyes closed as I swear I saw stars. My world exploded as sensation flooded over me, I felt so raw, yet so wonderful, my body singing in release. It didn't end till he finally stopped and I blinked, coming back to my senses and wondering why my throat was sore.

Jonas pulled himself up my body and grinned as he kissed me again, I was so sated I didn't have anything to say or even respond, my body going lax with little flutters inside. Jonas grinned as he pulled back and shifted so that his hips were wedged between mine, his tip nudging at my drenched opening.

"Now that baby, was a scream." He said wickedly as he gently pushed forward.

My eyes widened at the feel of him, he was so wide I wasn't sure I'd be able to accommodate him, but the slow burning sensation as he gently eased into me was incredible, nerves I didn't know I had flared to life. After a while he came to a halt over me, his arms braced by my head as he throw his head back and gave a loud growl.

"Hell woman, you feel incredible, I'm trying to take this slow so I don't hurt you. But fuck do I want to pound into you till we both come."

I reached up and twined my fingers in his hair so I could tug his head down and he could look at me. "Don't go slow, you won't hurt me. You feel amazing, I feel stretched all the way. And if you don't fuck me hard and fast now after you just made me come like a freight train, I'm clawing your ass."

He grinned and kissed me gently again. "How can I refuse an offer like that?"

He pulled out slightly and slammed back into me, before repeating the process again, and each time he'd pull out more and more, so that his thrust back into me was even harder. I panted and raised my hips to meet his thrusts, the sounds of skin slapping skin the only other noise apart from our moans and panting.

My hands trailed to his shoulders as the familiar wave of feeling built inside me, on one of his shoulders I could feel the outlines of a fresh wound, I must've bit him hard to leave that mark, and my sharp had left quite a mark, where they that sharp? I lost my trail of thought as his thrusts increased, moans coming from me as I tried to grab the feeling that hovered just out of reach, there was a part of me though like the wildness that was waiting, sat back and not letting me fall into ecstasy. Which was crazy, who wouldn't want to feel pure bliss?!

Jonas grabbed my hips to raise them at an angle that had him hitting a sweet spot inside me, the sensations burning brighter, building higher, but still just out of my reach. A sob came out of my mouth, I needed…I needed something….something more.

Jonas growled and this time it seemed like it was pure animal, even his eyes had shifted slightly, reminding me of the wolf that had saved me from being mauled. He bent his head and gently kissed my shoulder, then licked at the tendon that led to my neck. It was a sweet sensation but not the one I needed.

I came so suddenly I screamed in surprise, the feeling of Jonas's teeth clamped down on my skin was slightly painful, but hot and erotic, it drove my body into a multitude of spasms as I came violently, inner muscles clamping around Jonas as he pistoned in and out of me.

He howled as his hips flexed a few times as he came, hot warmth seeped through me, flooding me with a new sensation that made me come again at the feel of it.

I was shaken when my body finally returned back to a semblance of its former self. Jonas was still in me, but now he was licking at my shoulder, probably at the bite mark I had a feeling his wolf instinct had wanted to leave on me.

But for the first time I felt a bit of fear being here with him. It wasn't because the mere feeling of being with Jonas had me thinking it wouldn't be so bad if I was with him all the time. Or that fact that the sex was explosive and he sure did pass the books I'd read. Or that he had made me scream. No, what scared me was that I had howled with him when I came, and I knew it was a howl, it was wolf-like and it had felt so natural, I wasn't scared of the shift that was probably going to change from human, but I was scared I wouldn't live through it, and I wouldn't be able to be in this same place again. Because Jonas made me feel safe and happy, it would be just my luck if I died so I couldn't enjoy what I had finally found.