The warm milk fed to you
when you're hungry and did not say.
The vegetables forced in your stomach
because it's healthy and yet
at that age, you hated the taste.
Motherly figure has always
taken care of you
and she gave you everything
that you ever needed -
Clothes, shoes, baths,
love, care, concern-
and has never asked for anything
in return because she loved you.
But in the end, as time passes,
and wrinkles appear on
her once beaming face,
you start to detest her...

And you start to think she's
of no use to you and you...
threw her aside to somebody else
when she used her whole life
just to take care of the one she gave birth to.
When her funeral came
and her white hair, oily face
and her body was in the one box that sealed fate,
you started to cry...
but regrets are all too late.

You didn't cherish her
and she perished
without hearing a single word of love
from the one she took care of
using her life...