star catcher

You know, it's so hard to write honestly when what you've got in your mind is just to aim for perfection. Once you have an idea (a thought to be precise), the desire to write about it eats you up slowly, sucking you into the black hole of trial and error.

Thoughts will remain thoughts; they just continuously bug you to death. And you're desperately trying to let those thoughts out through your words. You carefully chart your words into the heavens, with the stars as your white ink against the midnight sky.

However, your words will stay void no matter how brilliant your thoughts are. That is, if they don't have your honest emotion which you always seem to forget inserting. It's not worth it if your thoughts only become empty words. It's like having a rocket with no fuel. You don't want to end up floating off, lost in space with no purpose, right?

If you're going to float off in space, it's because you'd want to catch the falling stars and use them to map a new way back home. It sounds silly, really, but that's how you would think of it. And you should know that there is absolutely no shame in feeling whatever kind of emotion, even if you can't express it through perfect words.

Words will remain words, and these feelings seem clumsy to put, but at least they're there.




"Let's tie our words to the feathers of emotion,
and watch them float to the sky, twinkling merrily.
Hopefully, they'll find their place in the universe."