[The song lyrics are from Fairytale by Sara Bareilles.]

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Cut Off Your Hair

The clipping shears fall from my numb fingers. No one would recognize me now, a bald princess. The sun shines in through the one window I allowed, greeting me merrily but it can't touch my cold heart.

"Cheer up," the bright morning star pleads.


The tall blonde lets out a cry of despair says

Would have cut it myself if I knew men could climb hair

I'll have to find another tower somewhere and keep away from the windows


"I feel nothing," I murmur in reply. The sun does not seem to comprehend my indifference and continues to grow brighter and wake the world warmly. But who could understand? No one, that's who. Everyone was all too willing to believe that this tower was the creation of a vindictive witch, rather than a prison of my own making.

Why would a beautiful young princess lock herself away? They would wonder if they knew the truth. Why does she bar the window and barricade the door? So I created the witch. She could be a scape goat for their ire. She was a character whose reasoning the people could understand. I laugh at the knights in shining armor, as they ride off to find and kill the old crone who stole my freedom. I sadly watch the brave townspeople gather their torches and pitchforks and set out on witch hunts. If only they knew that they're chasing a phantom.


Once upon a time in a far away kingdom

Man made up a story said that I should believe him


It was the prince's fault, really. I was perfectly content with my life, until he insisted that he could make it infinitely better. Despite my insistence that I could not make him happy, he doggedly pursued me.


She's only waiting on the next best thing


He spoke of love and happily ever after. He had a warmth in his voice and a spring in his step that I knew I could never match. For how could I truly love him in return when I had no heart to give him?

So that is how I found myself here in this lonely tower without even the birds for company. They stay far from my prison, for my icy presence can be felt by any perceptive creature for miles around. Even I would abandon me, if that was possible.

With that thought, an idea begins to form in my mind. Perhaps I can shed a part of myself. I bend down and start collecting large chunks of blonde hair from the floor. I walk to the window and cautiously look down. It's a long fall, a plummet I would not enjoy. Thankfully, I think, it's not I that shall be taking the plunge. A gentle breeze caresses my face and my eyes flutter closed on instinct. I can be kissed by the wind if by no one else.

I hold my arms out and release the golden tresses that used to cascade down my back. Along with them, I send my fairytale hopes and dreams sailing out the window.


But this story needs some mending and a better happy ending


I have no need for them in my fortress of solitude. This prison is my future, there is no room for fairy tales here.

The End