I feel abliged to explain this. This... this... I want to call it a work of fiction, but that may not be strictly true. First off, all of the Mary-Sue types used in this story were taken from TVtropes. I would not recomend that you visit the site, as TVtropes will ruin your life. However, do be warned, I will be referencing TVtropes a lot now in this series. Why? Because I'm a great big geek.

You'll be pleased to hear, I can assure you this isn't the last story in the series. Keep an eye out, because 'Blue and Raven's Five Man Band' should start being posted soon enough, and work on 'The Big Bad Book of Atrocious Fantasy Worlds' will be started as soon as I have a map of Acellevin drawn out. Cliched names and such for fantasy maps would be very helpful, so feel free to message me any suggestions.

A Note on Plpt

Unlike 'The Big Bad Book of Terrible Fantasy Writing', this particular story actually did have something of a plot. It's a little unusual, to say the least, for me to go into a project with some idea of what I'm doing, and I don't think I've don't think I've done so baddly of it.

A Note on Characters

More time was given over to characters and character development in this story than was in the last. As such, I hope the readers have started to understand them both a little better. For those of you who either never read 'The Big Bad Book of Terrible Fantasy Writing' or just don't remember the character background given at the end, here it all is again, now extending and improved.

Blue, from the land of Lysoria, is the son of a prophetess and a drunkard. Having been neglected, mistreated, and occasionally locked in a dark cupboard, he went more than a little insane. He struggles to grasp concepts like love, and only really understands pain - having seen his sister (another prophetess) drive herself crazy trying to avoid the unfortunate demise of those around her when she saw it coming, he actually bagan to believe that not only would stopping other people's pain cause his, but that causing other people pain may ease his own. Hence why he kills/maimes so many people. It doesn't really help that much, but it's the only thing he knows, and having already been hurt by people who should have cared about him, he isn't about to let other people in to try to help him. Blue does act purely on impule and emotion, which can make him dangerous and unpredictable.

Raven's backstory is a little more sketchy, since I never really did work out the details. He's an orphan, from some far off land, raised by sevants of the evil overlord and trained from childhood to be a merciless assassin and an extremely skilled warrior. This is the reason for his apparent lack of emotion when he first me Blue, although this is, of course, faked, as many people are able to get an emotional reaction from him. He isn't so much bothered by killing, although the pointlessness and brutality of Blue's frequent massacres does bother him. He tries, for the most part, to maintain some morals, and justify or rationalise any killing on his part, which is the biggest difference between him and Blue. That, and Raven's moderately sane. He usually acts on common sense and logic, and is generally quieter and more reserved than Blue, though he has started to come out of his shell, and it isn't entire unheard of for him to stoop to Blue's level of psychosis. This is most apparent when people press his Berserk Button - that is, when rape is baddly written or used offensively in fiction, such as the way it's used in the back story of many Symperthetic 'Sues. For an example of such, read 'My Immortal'. On second thought, don't, it's not worth what it would cost you in brain bleach.