taking a break from studying...2 more days of finals. found this on my computer, edited a little. enjoy :D p.s I apologize for errors and stuff like that Its kind of rushed published even though I typed it awhile ago. ,its supposed to be like a playful poem.

sorry again-for lack of stanza's ,structure, and quality. I just have this feeling that I need to publish something and reading it over quickly I've just got that good feeling with this.


my dreams are like vapor

and It's not what I excepted

not what I dreamed for

but it changed my life

to hear people scream my name

it felt like sunshine

I belonged somewhere

lost in different world

A world that seemed so majestic

so vainly pure

I was in heaven

dancing upon a million angels

as words filled the room

such elegantly dainty words

slipping out before my eyes

As I floated through a lollipop castle

caught in between

but still watching

the cool reminiscent air sucking my life out the window

my dreams wavering on without me

flying out the window page by page

no dust was left untouched

I was floating on nothing but air