Sedated nether realms of apollonian
controversies, speaking wisdom beneath
the breath of a love-laced wind. A crack
in panes of how we've come to know let in
drafts of insanity, transmissions arrive on
the dust caked radio. Tuning in, making
sanctified passes in that skeletal construction
site and laying to speak of the sky
through the unfinished roof. A telltale
neurosis, alluring as a virgin's blush or some
Eau de Cologne of youth. We've felt compelled
to laugh, and traded awkward reflections
about things we didn't know. Contrived,
and simple as the heartbeat of a hummingbird,
we drank electric vibes and let the demon love
possess us until we trembled on the
floor, all in secret and completely unto
ourselves. Fractured, we let our metacarpals
move toward places yet explored, dim
conversations allotting white noise backdrops
to our lazy and eternal summer nights.