A new story of mine, just a short one that's gonna be a small distraction from my other ones. I don't know if it's good or not, the first chapter seems a bit boring, but I'll hopefully make it up in later chapters!

Full summary:

Trent Lopes' father is sending him to Little Churchill, a small beachside town with good waves and even better good-looking girls, so that he can escape on a tour of Europe with his new girlfriend. Trent doesn't mind though; he loves it at his Aunt's. However, this summer, Trent isn't the only one who's visiting. Jenny McKinnon, his aunt's husband's niece, is also coming to stay. The opposite of Trent, she hates it in Little Churchill, and hates her uncle. These two may be related by marriage, but their bond is already simmering more than the summer sun.

A Simmering Step in the Wrong Direction

Trent Lopes squinted up at the old Victorian house, his right hand shielding his eyes from the already blazing sun. His eyes ran over the house's familiar features, taking in the brand new white paint, the white picket fence, the sprawling, lush garden and lawn, oversized porch with rocking chairs, the house's large windows and the two turret-like structures towards the back of the house, with different levels of the shingle roof. It was only one of many other similar houses in Little Churchill, but to Trent, it felt like home, a chance to get away from his other house that wasn't ever really a "home". His aunt Macy lived here with her husband and young daughter, Lisbeth, and always loved having Trent around.

With excitement rising in his chest, Trent started up the cobble stoned path, heading towards the oak-coloured wooden door. He stopped just before the glass screen door, taking a huge breath and peering into his reflection. Trent ran a hand through his sandy blonde hair, ruffling it up so that it looked perfectly messy, just the way his aunt liked it. He blinked his vibrant green eyes slowly, his usual smirk lifting the corners of his mouth.

Ready, Trent opened the screen door and knocked with a swift three knocks.

A minute passed, then the door was pulled open by a beautiful, middle-aged woman who looked extremely surprised. "Trent! What are you doing here?"

Trent shrugged, surprised at her reaction. "Um… visiting?" Then, he added suspiciously, "Didn't my father call to tell you I was coming?"

The look on Aunt Macy's face was all that told him what he needed to know, and a flare of anger burst up in him. Of course his father had forgotten to call; he was too busy planning his Europe trip with his new, ditzy girlfriend to even remember who Trent was; the son whom he was leaving behind.

"No," Aunt Macy murmured, then she smiled warmly at Trent. "Well, come on in then." She pushed the door opened further, allowing Trent in.

He hugged her, murmuring into her ear, "You look beautiful, Aunt Macy."

And she did.

Aunt Macy had her thick, blonde hair wrapped into a messy bun on the top of her head, wavy strands framing her heart-shaped face delicately. Her blue eyes still twinkled with their youth, and she looked like a model with her thin eyebrows, straight nose, and sculpted, pink lips. Aunt Macy looked nothing like her age, now thirty-five, and still looked exactly like the pictures of when she was a decade younger. Aunt Macy was Trent's father's youngest sister, and Trent's favourite aunt. She loved having Trent there in the summer when his father wouldn't take him, and treated him like Trent's mother would've.

"And you!" Aunt Macy exclaimed, giggling with awe. "You're so handsome now, Trout. You're having your seventeenth birthday this August, aren't you?"

Trent nodded, grinning and ignoring her old nickname for him. "Yep."

Unlike his father, who never seemed to remember that he had a son at all, Aunt Macy never forgot a single detail that Trent told her; she had always treated Trent with favouritism, and said that one day her baby boy (when she had one) would be just like Trent.

"Well, I'm mighty surprised but I'm glad you're here," Aunt Macy said warmly, pulling Trent further into the beautiful home. "We'll throw you a nice birthday party okay? Now, wait here while I go tell Benjamin." Aunt Macy sat Trent down the kitchen, and swept off, probably to her husband's home office.

Benjamin was his uncle; he enjoyed having Trent over, almost just as much as Aunt Rachel did, but was always too busy to spend much time with him. Uncle Ben owned a line of malls and plazas, particularly the very one in Little Churchill, a beachside town with many tourists and residents.

Trent glanced around the kitchen, noting all the same things and the significant differences. He had not been here for three years, and now was a good chance to catch up with his favourite place in the world. The baby seat was gone, Lisbeth would've surely grown out of it by now, but the marble counter tops, slick, stainless steel kitchen equipment, glass cabinets filled with good china, all these were all the same.

The house itself hadn't changed much; it had gotten a new paint job, as it did every year, with light blue paint on the walls, dark hardwood floors, sleek, modern furniture and only rarely a toy scattered here and there.

Trent took a deep breath, smelling the faint smell of cookies, and knew that his aunt had probably been baking the day before. His stomach grumbled, and he desperately wished for one of her homemade, luscious cookies this instant.

At that same moment, he heard shouting, and Trent got up, heading slowly towards the main hallway again, to where Uncle Ben had his office across from the living room, the door slightly ajar.

"-is coming and I don't want them having to spend the summer together! It's dangerous!" Uncle Ben was shouting.

"Oh, please, Ben. Trent is smarter than that! He knows how to handle himself. And wouldn't it be better for her if she had some teenage company?" Aunt Macy argued back.

"Teenage company!" Uncle Ben mocked her, sounding exasperated. "The last thing she needs is teenage company! Her parents sent her here for a reason, Macy, and that boy's just about going to ruin it for her!"

"Trent can be a gentleman! And it's not fair for him; his father dropped him off here without a word! He won't have no where to go!" Aunt Macy cried, sounding as though she were on the brink of tears.

"Now, Macy," Uncle Ben sighed, "I love Trent, I do, and I don't want that either, but what should I tell Charlie and his wife? They won't like a teenage boy living under the same roof as their daughter! Especially with what she's going through right now!"

"I will explain it all to Trent. He won't go doing anything with her, I promise! And there's no relation anyway!" Aunt Macy shouted.

"It doesn't matter, they won't like it!" Uncle Ben exclaimed.

"Well, you just call them and see, but Trent is not leaving this house. He is my nephew whom I haven't seen for three years, and you know how much Lisbeth misses him! You can't deny our baby him!" Aunt Macy stormed out of the room, catching Trent on guard. She looked flustered.

"Oh, Trout, darling!" Aunt Macy breathed, clearing her throat and smiling at him. "Are you hungry? I'm sorry, were we loud? It won't happen again. Now come, I made cookies yesterday. I'm sure you're hungry; when aren't you?"

Trent laughed along with his aunt, not mentioning a word about what he had just heard. From what he had gathered, this summer, he wasn't going to be the only one staying here. A girl was coming too, and Uncle Ben didn't want her mixing up with him.

"Now sweetie, I don't know how much you heard, but I'll explain it to you all now. Milk?" aunt Macy sat him down again, heading towards the cookie jar in the third cabinet.

"Yes please," He answered automatically.

As Aunt Macy got the milk and cookies, she continued speaking, sounding almost apologetic, "She's Uncle Ben's niece, his brother Charlie's daughter. She's sixteen, and she's been having some problems at home lately. She was here last summer, but that didn't help much, so they've sent her here again. Now, you have to be careful around her, she's really delicate."

Trent nodded, and snatched up a cookie as his aunt placed it on the counter before him. "I got it, Aunty. I'll be on my best behaviour." And Trent meant it. He loved it here, and he loved his aunt, and he wasn't going to ruin his summer over some silly girl. "What's her name?"

"Jennifer, or Jenny-" Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

"Oh, there she is now!" Aunt Macy cried, scurrying around to get the door.

Trent leaned over, peering around the corner to see the girl.

Aunt Macy exclaimed, "Oh, Jenny! Good, you made it safe and sound! Come on in!"

He saw her hugging the girl, but he couldn't get a good look, then, Aunt Macy moved out of the way, saying something else.

Trent didn't hear it though, because before him was the most beautiful girl he had ever met.

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