You told me, give up.

You wouldn't come back.

But now when I see you, that's not how you act.

Except for the caring, the closeness of us,

We act just the same.

Did your feelings adjust?

Just as I thought that I could move on,

Somehow my hope spread like the dawn.

Understand, I don't, but I sort of like it.

With you I was happy,

Without, I was not.

Now we're between, I never forgot.

I felt you staring, when my back was turned.

I looked and it was your touch for which I yearned.

And then you brushed me, so gently, it burned.

I gasped and looked up, to look in your eyes.

You realized the same thing,

Our love never died.

But still I don't know,

Where your feelings did go.

Let me know, before it's me who doesn't show.