Made: Monday, June 06, 2011

Time: 1:15p.m

I can taste the tension
Warm, thick, coppery
Close my eyes
Catch my breath

I know they're watching me.

Red eyes stare
Starved and impatient
As claws reach out
Just grazing the skin

What do they want me to do?

And I hiss
And I writhe
In unimaginable pain
And they start to laugh

I don't know what they want.

Oh, the mockery
Brings a flame to my face
A claw grips my heart
And squeezes tight

Don't let them know who you are.

Against my will
I'm forced to suffer
Consequences of an action
I can never take back

They'll find out eventually.

I want to say
I don't care
But my hand is holding
That claw

This is all I have left.

And my sugary lies
Dipped in blood
Make the laughter grow
But I smile anyway

This is what I am.

They'll grow bored
Of picking at me
After I've fallen low enough
Off this crumbling pedestal

I can never let them know.

Through unspoken truths
And a worn out lie
They laugh because they know
By then, I'm at the bottom

I…I'm a Failure.