By: Krissie Ana Maureen © August 2004

Chapter 1: Bedtime stories are true...

Long ago there was an evil tyrant. He wished to rule the world and every living being as well. He started by ruling over a small group of vampires. Of course as his group got bigger, he got cockier. The queen of a vampire clan knew that it wouldn't be long before he would try to take her clan as his own. So, she devised a plan and sent two special agents to find a young boy, who, in right, could slay demons and vampires. By the time they found the boy, it was dark, but for some weird reason he was still out to play. This gave them the perfect shot at kidnapping him. He went before the queen and the queen turned him and left. Leaving her two agents to take care of the boy. Unknowingly, the boy took out half of the tyrant's army, maybe even more. While the boy went about this, the queen's son, the prince went to take care of the tyrant. Their fight was short and the prince sealed the tyrant away in Egypt. Since he had never been there before, he decided to go sightseeing. While doing so he met a lovely woman and they fell in love and got married. After a year and three quarters they had a lovely baby girl, which was you. Now go to sleep." Father said giving me a kiss on the head as he tucks me in. As he turned towards the door to walk away, I snatched the sleeve of his arm. He turns his head to me with a pleasant yet annoyed smile.

"Do you want me to get you a glass of water?" he says kindly.

I shook my head. "Nun-uh. You forgot the last part- The premonition."

"Oh that." he said. "Shortly after you were born, Grandma came to visit and said you shall be able to turn the boy mortal again. Now go to sleep."

"Night daddy." I say as he closes the door. I hear dad's sweet voice whisper, "Good night Cleovim." welcoming me to a sweet dreamland.

I awake to the morning sun like always and hurried down stairs. Mom was by the stove making eggs while father read the paper like always. I immediately went to the cabinet and grabbed three plates and balanced them in my hands. Taking three forks form the drawer and closing it with my foot. I put the plates on the tables with a fork on each. I smiled knowing that today would be normal, and then laughed at myself because my slipper came off when I closed the drawer. I put it back on and went to grab the glasses. Unfortunately, I am still too short to reach them.

"Dave help Cleovim with the glasses." mom says looking over her shoulder at him. Dad folded his paper and got up doing his 'yes master' routine. He loves to make jokes and tries to get them in to make people laugh. Mom says he should've been a comedian but dad just replies with 'hey I can't do this 24-7 you know' and goes on into a joke about what happened at work.

After breakfast, I change into my play close and head over to my friend, Shelly's. By the time I get there her father is walking out the door to go to work and Shelly is giving him a hug goodbye.

"Hello Shelly!" I wave and bow to her dad in respect. "Good bye sir."

"Good day to you to young miss." He says with a bow and drove off down the road.

"Don't worry, it won't be long." Shelly whispered patting me on the back, staring at me with her hazy green eyes.

"What won't be long?" I asked looking bewildered. She just gave me a timid smile and waves me inside. Shelly has always been different, yet she is so… hypnotic. She can see and sense things that others can't. She gets tempted to tell us but doesn't want to ruin any surprises for us. I often wonder what she means because she feeds hints to us in mind-boggling riddles.

Rachel is already here, marveling at a music box with a cobra standing on top of it.

"Nice, they came in today!" I exclaimed admiring the craftsmanship of the cobra shaped box.

"If you think that's cool. You'll love this." Shelly said going into the big shipping box and pulling out a music box with a bunny following a bat with one wing extended. "What do you think?" I wanted to answer but my jaw wasn't forming words.

"I think she's too shocked for words." Rachel chuckled getting up and started to poking me in the stomach. "Yo, Cleo! Say something." Her tanned skin glowed under the lighting of the room as she kept messing with me. Her brown eyes looked like shinning crystal that could comfort anyone one, but her mischievous smile said otherwise. I started laughing and pushed Rachel away.

"I love it!" I said fighting back a laugh. "But you know I'm ticklish." I gave Rachel an over the shoulder glare.

"Well, I had to bring you back to Earth somehow." Rachel smirked. She's always in a good mood and ready to pick on anyone she believes she needs to. Rachel is a sporty girl, or well in her case a cobra girl. The upper part of her body is human and the lower part is a rattlesnake, but she can turn into a full human when she feels like it. Shelly is the same way as well, only she's a mermaid.

"She would've come down from Cloud Nine sooner or later. Besides it's only a matter of time." Shelly said sweetly.

"What's only a matter of time?" Rachel questions tilting her head to the right.

"Oh, nothing." She smiles innocently back at us.

"That reminds me. Why did you decide to get us all specially designed music boxes?" I ask Shelly whose eyes had narrowed and were roaming the floor as if she had to paint a masterpiece on it and it was unworthy of her magic touch.

"You'll know soon. Oh, so very very soon." she said in a gypsy tone. "We mustn't run nor hide from fate when it's already coming." Her usual don't run from fate quote. I haven't heard that in a while but by the way she said it, I know that it's something I might try to run away from. Like that time I had a cavity and she had known I would get it and have to go to the dentist kicking and screaming.

"Well if it's something as big of a surprise for you to say that then I'll leave it at that." Rachel said picking up her music box and examining it. "So what does your's look like?" she said glancing upward to Shelly's half blank face.

"It's right here." She said picking up a music box that looked like a miniature shire with a waterfall and adorned with jewels all around. "What do you think?"

"Wow! Your's totally suits you!" I exclaim marveling at her little charm shire.

"Thanks, but your's really suits you." She says gesturing to my music box. "I mean who else has a vampire longing to be a mortal scanning the Earth looking for them?" I choke back feeling bad over my situation concerning my special mate who I'm supposed to turn back to his normal state, as proclaimed at birth. I glance at the ground trying to explain the true situation but all that comes out of my mouth are a bunch of "Ums" and "Uhs". I hear Rachel laugh and I look up to see Shelly's knowing glance and Rachel's sneaker.

"Aw… You're so cute! Especially when you're blushing so much that it's obvious that you have feelings for a guy you've never meant." Rachel says with an annoying smirk on her face. "So, where did you see him?" She asks circling me like a vulture.

"Rachel!" Shelly yells hopefully for my defense. "It's so rude to ask her where she meant a boy. Especially when you know she'll deny it." All hope gone, she's not defending me like I had hoped.

"Aw, you know you want to know." Rachel said gesturing with her hand. "Unless you already know? Um… Shelly?" Shelly stood still and got the look of 'how did you know?'.

"That's what I thought. So where did you meant him, Cleovim? I want to know all the juicy details."

"I've never meant him!" I nearly scream.

"Liar tell the truth. I know you meant him somewhere, even Shelly knows. Heck, I bet she could tell me where you meant him." Rachel proclaimed staring me in the eyes.

"But I've already told you I've never meant him. Or at least in person." I accidentally say like an idiot.

"Oh-ho! So you have meant him, just not in person. So what kind of contact was it? Web cam, internet, phone?" I begin to stutter unsure of the contact that I have had with my mate, but knowing that no electronics where used makes it even harder to understand the kind of contact that it was.

"They had contacted each other spiritually." Shelly says from the silence of her desk. "Cleovim just isn't aware of her spiritual contact with him. I assume she sees him when they are both asleep at the same time."

"Really?" Rachel questioned.

"Come to think of it. I remember I had fallen asleep when I had the flu and I was stuck somewhere. It was pitch black and I couldn't find my way out so I just started crying. That's when he came; he said not to cry that he would help me find my way. We talked for a bit while we shifted through the darkness and then we found our way out." I relate the story of my dream to my friends. "When I exited, I awoke to Grandma saying that I had fallen asleep and that it was just a dream."

"Do you see him often?" Rachel asks as she takes a sit in the rolling chair. "What's he like?"

"He's very nice. He has curly, red hair, I think. He must not sleep when I sleep, 'cause I don't see him often. When I do, he seems so distant. He asks if I'm okay, and how I've been. But I know there's something on his mind that he doesn't want me to know and it frightens me." I say to sum up his personality.

"What all do you know about him? Has he told you about his family, friends, what he likes, dislikes?" Rachel asks.

"He told me that his dad was in the army, and his mom is a nurse, maybe a doctor. I'm not sure." I ponder on what else he has told me. "He's being trained by two of my grandma's old agents. Their names are Boka and Sarge. He says they're really funny but they don't let him off easily when it comes to training, and that they have him train for hours until he improves on the skill. That must be why we don't see each other often." We go on and on about him and the type of guys we like. Everything is normal and goes on as always, but I begin to sense something. I am unsure of what it might or could be, but I know I must be the only one sensing it. Shelly doesn't seem bothered by this present at all, but still, I can't help but sense a dark cloud looming over me, or is it just me? I must be paranoid from all that television last night. I decide to keep my superstitions to myself… for the moment at least.However, I felt separation coming upon us as Shelly told us of the communication system on our music boxes. Is this what she meant when she said it won't be long? I find myself becoming more worried, but still I tell myself that it is all in my head and that I shouldn't worry. I grab my most prize possession in my hands and hope that the necklace will bring me luck and comfort. Oh Scotty, please come soon! My mind cries out. It's coming. However I remain unsure of what exactly is coming. So I naturally turn to his necklace which hides next to my heart for a glimpse of hope.

At the end of our "hang out" day, I head home with a smile on my face and a hop in my step. It seems the cloud as left for the day. Thank God! I skip to my front door and unlock the door gleefully; however the door was already unlocked! "That's strange," I think out loud, and then I proceed to enter the house now on my guard. Mom and Dad should be at work, but when I open the door, they had a wonderful yet horrid surprise for me.

We're there!" I finally hear them say. Now I can finally rest in a some-what peaceful state. I have this bad feeling in me gut but as they told me time and time again to shake it off, I just can't! It's killing me. I know, I just know. My princess needs me. No, she IS not me princess; she IS more than that to me. I would lay down on the road and die for her. When I see her smile me chest aches with pain. I take a deep sigh of relief for this mission is finally over. But me journey… unfortunately it still moves on. Sarge, me travel pal, comes over and sits by me on the jet. His face says that he knows what's up with me, but I seriously doubt that he knows of HER. To be truthful, I'd be really surprise if they even knew I had a link with her and that every night, when she and I slept at the same time. We dream…together… in unison, even. I speak to her about everything that I possibly could, but I fear that what I tell her will influence her life much more than needed, so there are some things, yes, that I do keep a secret from me princess.

Sarge leans towards me, with a kind, yet concern smile and says in a near silent whisper, "Don't worry, you're almost to the ending stretch." I roll me eyes, knowing all about the 'ending stretch' now. It's simply put 'the end of your adventure or the end of your life'. Whichever suits you.

"I know Sarge. It's just that I feel that as soon as I find this person who is going to turn me mortal, that another endless baseball game will start up again. You know I suck at baseball. It's like me Achilles' Hill." I say referring to me poor baseball skills and me princess, who I've been playing a 20 year game of baseball for.

"I know, you're tired and stressed out. It's all just a part of life, but don't worry as soon as we turn you back to a mortal, you can go off and finally be a normal 8-year old boy." Sarge says happily. "Until then, just relax while you can, and take it easy! Got it?"

I take a deep breath and stare blankly out the window, nothing but clouds circle us in this endless abbess called the sky. Knowing that Sarge is expecting an agreeing reply from me, I give him a maybe hidden in a gentlemen like manner. "Very well Sarge, you do have an exquisite point on this, and your theory is the most obvious thing to do. However, as a vampire, good or not, I must incline that we all stay on our toes. You never know who will be coming out to get you. That's why we show little weakness, so others of our kind can't use that weakness to turn us into a spineless coward that'll be putty in their hands. We must stand tall and be proud of who we are. I do, however, love to relax and dream peacefully, so I do not mind taking it easy." I conclude. Glancing up at Sarge, I know that Sarge knows that I didn't think I could do it, but I would try to do it.

A meek smile rises on his face and he just shakes his head. "As long as you try, I'll be okay, but I rather you not sprinkle or water down your answer just to spar my feelings. Got it Scotty boy?" He smirked and gave me his serious face.

"Yes sir." I comply. Just then Boka comes in from the cockpit. He's hair is messy and unkempt which is a huge difference from his usual neatly combed hairstyle. It's obvious that he's tired and can't wait to go back to work for his queen or go on vacation in his homeland of Britain. Just like I can't wait to become mortal again and move back to me homeland, Scotland. Sarge, I assume, probably can't wait to be in the service of their queen as well. He says that his homeland, the United States, is always changing so vacationing there is extremely hard because he can never decide which state to visit. "How are you Boka, ready to pass out yet?" I joke.

"Not yet, we still have something to do." Boka moaned.

"Does it involve that bogus wanna-be "king" Charles guy?" Sarge asks slumps in his chair. The one most irritable things to deal with… Charles. I find myself biting me bottom lip. I hate this man. He is a fright to HER, something I do NOT like. I'm filled with raged and for some weird unexplainable reason I can't control it! I just want to bite his head OFF! I feel something warm oozing from down my mouth but me brain doesn't comprehend what the substance is. "Dude! Stop biting down on your lip! It's starting to bleed and drip down your face." Sarge identifies what the warm substance is for me. I glance down in embarrassment and wipe the blood off with my hand and suck me bottom lip into me mouth. Boka picks up a napkin and hands it to me kindly. I take it and rubbed off the blood and whisper, "Thank you."

"Scotty, what's wrong? Something is bothering you… a lot." Boka says with knowing eyes. "Does it have to do with Charles or the little girl who's supposed to turn you back into a mortal? Or is it a little of both?" Boka hits the nail on the head. I hold up three fingers indicating the third choice. "Aw, so can I go ahead and get to the exact point of your dilemma?" I nod me head because I know he's going to do it anyway. "Good. Now is it because you feel hatred towards Charles due to the fact that he wants to cause harm to Queen Alyson's granddaughter?" I glance up and glare at him for his perfect answer. "Don't be so mad at me."

I walk in to see mom and dad surrounded by moving boxes. I tilt my head and make a funny face. Mom sucks her lips into her mouth and Dad smiles meekly.

"Guess what honey." Dad starts to say.

"What's going on…?" I stutter.

"Well, um, I…I got promoted! Which means I'm being relocated, so we're moving." He says smiling weakly hoping that I'll smile with him.

"WHAAAAT!" A high pitch squeal escapes from mouth as I nearly pass out on the living room carpet. I imagine that my high pitch shriek can be heard for miles around and people are looking around them going 'what was that?' then going on about their day as if they heard nothing.

I awake to Dad holding my head up and Mom taking my temperature. They both look worried through my blurred vision. I feel weaker than when I caught that flu over at my grandma's. I hear Mom and Dad whispering softly. Their main topic- me and how I'm handling the move.

"What are we going to do?" he says.

"I don't know dear." she answers.

"What if she goes into a depression?"

"That could never happen, Cleovim isn't like that. This is just… a little shocking for her."

"I'm growing more worried. I mean, she isn't used to moving around like the people do today."

"As am I. I wouldn't blame her if she threw a fit. After all, the United States is so far away from us."

"The United States?" I moaned. "Is that where we're going?"

"Uh Hum." Dad sounds nodding his head in a short swift motion.

"Why are we moving so far away?" I ask.

"The job promotion they gave me requires me to move there." Dad says sweetly.

"Sweetie, I know this is a big shock. And we understand that you probably dislike and or hate having to move, but this is a great opportunity for your father." Mom says holding my close. "So can we have your support?"

"It's okay, I understand. After all, didn't you say that we should encourage everyone in our family to do new things?" I say titling my head upward to look at Mom. I notice a look of relief for me in her eyes but I also notice something else that leads me to question even more. "There's another reason why we're moving isn't there?" They share of look that says it all. "Please tell me what it is. I'm a big girl; I can handle it."

"Remember that tyrant form that story I tell you at night. Well, he's up and about and is looking for us." Dad says squeezing me tighter. By us, he means me. I can tell.