Chapter 6: Evil Reigns All

The trees cast scary morbid shadows on the wall as a man loomed over his plans. He planned to rule all under his reigns of evil, and he vowed that none shall stand in his way.

"Not a soul." He muttered to himself. He glanced down at a piece of paper with his soulless black round eyes. It was a newspaper clipping form about 8 years ago. The title of the article read, "King Dave and Queen Cleopatra have a beautiful baby girl!" There was a photo of the happy family along with the article. Charles scowled.

"Many years ago," He growled. "You made me a laughing stock!" He spoke with venom to Dave's picture. "Trapping me in that black hole was a silly thing to do Dave." He continued. "I've managed to escape from it. And thanks to the black hole, I haven't aged a bit." He purred to himself. "However, poor you, you've grown quite old."

Just then a dark looming shadow slipped in through the window. It grew big around the room without a form. It threaten to swallow the room whole in darkness. "King Charlessss," It hissed with a booming voice. "I have assssssembled and trained all the troopssss. They are ready to dessssstroy your enemiesssss."

Charles looked up at the shadow from his seat. "Very well." He smirks. "Let's go teach them all a lesson. Shall we?"

The shadow moved up and down calmly as if it were nodding. "We sssshall." It hissed.

"Go invade every where you can get." The false ruler ordered. "And if you run into any troublesome nuisances," He purred. "Take care of them."