We drifted across time, long after our body had become dust. We were weary, now only stepping into the earth's natural rhythm when the mortals forced our hand. We may have been centuries slow to anger, but our anger is ancient. None will stand in our path.

It was decreed, by the One who decrees all things, to split us up. He has spoken, it will be.

Long have they served

Toiling with no hope of an end

Their one body broken to dust

Cursed by the power I gave them

Now four young bodies will bow under the weight of power

One of temper, to give passion to fire that has grown lackluster

One of abundant emotion, to give life to the dying waters

One of wandering spirit, to give wind wanderlust once more

And last, who holds them all together

One of weathering perseverance, to make the crumbling earth strong once more

Drawn by love and acceptance

They will strive for peace and serenity

No longer at war with each other

One last hope for a world long broken

Together they prevail

Apart they fail

They come to us now. Our promised relief. From one nation they are drawn, lured by tragedy that had struck them once again. They come together, not knowing their purpose. We are ready to let go.