A/N: Taking refuge in problems I don't have. Also something about this new format won't let me do my usual line breaks. Pissed.


Skin so thin and stretched so

Painfully taut against bone

Always threatening to rip

Across pointed cheeks and

To tear and bleed and

Never heal back

Caved in walls

Pushing back against my ribcage

Screams are hollow

Let me breathe, Anna, let me

Seek help and oh god Anna

Just let me breathe

I don't feel perfect anymore

Not empty

And especially not full

Somewhere in between

Head so bruised and drained

Hair falls out by the handfuls

Caved in walls

Pushing deeper into my skin

I didn't do it for you, Anna

Let me go, let me free, Anna

I did it for me, Anna

I did it for me