Cleaver Man

Run and run, how long will I run? I'm already gasping for air. I can't take it anymore. I have to stop and take a rest. But he's behind me and if he caught me, if he did catch me, he might…

I could no longer utter those words. I don't have the strength to say it. Most importantly, I should be thinking on how to escape from him. My knees are weakening, my feet are aching and my legs are tiring. I can't take it anymore! But how can I escape from him?

I want to turn around and see if he is still there but if I did that, it might cause more trouble. I know that he's there, the fat old man who's carrying a cleaver. He's been chasing me since I was twelve years old and now that I'm already fourteen years old, I still kept dreaming about him and just like this, he is chasing me with his cleaver.

I'm out of breath. I have to stop but if I do that he will surely kill me!

Ah! I said it. Yes, with this kind of situation, I can already tell that his intention is to kill me no matter how many years or how many dreams it may take. He has to kill me. I can tell that.

I reached a stair. I quickly went down as fast as I could. I've been running around in this old building market place. I wish to call for a help but no one is here, just the two of us. Help me, please someone help me.

When I finally reach the end of the stair, I saw a store with big baskets. I quickly hid there and hoping that he wouldn't find me.

Watching through the small holes of the basket, I could tell that the old fat man took the other way. He was in a rush looking for me. Luckily, he didn't think of checking these baskets.

My head popped out a little and I had said, "He's finally gone."

There, I finally woke up. My body hurts awfully and I do really feel tired. It's like I did run for real. But it was just a dream. It was a just dream. Thank God.

I tried to recall my dream. Yes, I again was being chase by that old fat man with a cleaver on his right hand. He seems wearing an old and dirty dress. A poor? I guess. But, I've been wondering who that man is. There are times that I tried to see his face but it was blurred. I can only tell that he is old. But, who the heck is he? Why is he trying to kill me? Did I do something bad back then?

Even if I tried to recall something, I wouldn't remember it because I can no longer remember my past.

A classroom. Yes, I am inside a classroom and it seems the class has ended. Some of the students were happily chatting and others were reading. As for me, I was observing the people around me. It's my hobby after all.

But, how come I'm in Elementary Building of our school? I'm already a fifteen years old girl, a high school girl. I should be studying in high school building. But, why am I here?

Well, it doesn't matter. I also like it here. I can see the lovely nature and sky through the windows. Ahh, peaceful life, I like it.

But, for a sudden, my last words were destroyed by someone. He's here. And there, I knew that this was just a dream.

He smiled when he saw me. Fear creeps all over my body again. He even added a horrifying emotion to me when he suddenly killed the students near him. Just like me, other students run for their life. But then, why me? He's only after me. Why?

I don't know what was I was thinking, but I quickly went inside a room and locked all the doors. The teacher and the students inside there were wondering. What's happening? I can read that on their faces. A big bump boomed to us. He's here, the old fat man and his cleaver.

I quickly hid behind others. I was asking them to help me.

"He's trying to kill me," I shivered in fear. Tears won't stop from falling now. The way he killed people was horrible!

He destroyed the door by bumping his whole body. Because his body was heavy, he fell down with the door he just destroyed. Quickly, he looked at me. Others run away, leaving me alone. I want to run away too, but my body already stiffened. I'm trapped.

He swayed his right arm high with his cleaver and then in a quick way he hit me with it. Without mercy, he killed me.

Everything turned into white. Am I in heaven? But, hey, how could I go there? I'm not as good as everyone thinks I am. I have bad sides too like everyone else.

Then finally, I saw some people. No, it's not human at all but soul. We were in line, lining for something. I was wondering why was I there. Then, I finally remembered that a fat old man just killed me. I tried to touch my head. Tears quickly flow when I realized that it was gone. I can no longer touch my head. It was awful. The way he killed me is awful!

Then I heard a hyper voice coming for an unknown creature. I can't tell what creature was it but one thing for sure, that creature can speak human's language.

"If you enter this tree, all of your memories will be erased!" He announced which made my eyes opened widely.

All of it will be erase? Then I remember my dreams that I have to make come true no matter what, the promises I have ought to God, to my guardian angel and to myself, the animes I always wanted to watch, my friends which I really adore so much and my family. All of them will be erased? No way! I don't want them to be erased.

Therefore, I quickly run away and it seems I was teleported by my desire. I'm home.

I finally woke up from that nightmare and tears were already flooding in my cheeks. A dream. Again, I realized. No, it's not a dream at all. It was a nightmare, a horrible nightmare. I quickly remember the way how that man killed me and there, more pains were shouted by my soul. It was horrible! He's terribly horrible!

I keep on crying and still I can feel that my body was frighteningly shaking.

After that, I no longer dream about that old man. However, there was another new one who's trying to kill me.