Slice in My Wrist

There's a woman who's been hunting me as well beside that cleaver man. I can't remember when it did it started, though. But one thing for sure, I've been seeing her in my dreams, looking gravely at me. Die. That's the word I can read in her angry eyes. I do not know why she is angry at me but she keeps showing up in some of my dreams and stare at me with that kind of angry look.

Why is she after me? What is she so angry about? Did I do something to her?

One thing for sure, I cannot answer my own questions unless she answer them for me. But that would be even creepier.

It's not only in dreams that I have seen her. I'm not sure though. But, maybe she copied our maid's figure and let me saw her passed by behind me while I was brushing my teeth late at night and alone in our house. I wasn't able to see her face, I only saw the transpire white legs who seems wearing a pedal. It did freak me out. So I quickly gaggled and went up in my room. It was scary but I tried to calm down.

What I always do to come myself and lessen my fear is to play hyper and loud music. They say that ghosts don't like noisy places. So, I always played something to make sure that there's no ghost lingering around our house.

However, there's this moment when I was sleeping and was awakened by a loud music. When I opened my eyes, I saw a woman holding a cassette which beaming blue lights. Due to the lights that the cassette lit, instead of seeing a white lady, I saw a blue lady looking down at me.

Again, I freaked out and cover my face using my blanket. I could feel that my heart is beating frighteningly so I do pray hoping that God will help me to get through this nightmare. And unconsciously, I had fallen into a deep sleep.

That woman must be from 18's and she looks about twenty years old. She is wearing a simple blouse and long skirts. It looks perfect in her thin body. She has a shoulder length straight hair. Her face seems an oval shape for me. She always wears an angry look every time she appeared.

With this woman, I only have few experiences with her unlike to that cleaver man and I do no longer wish for more.

Did she stop? Yes, she did after that last awful nightmare with her.

I could no longer remember how did it start but certainly, I was in a 2 story old wooden house. I don't know whose house was it. I think I never went in that kind of house. But I do always saw that kind of house in old Philippine Films and up until now, you will still be able to see some kind of house like that.

As I observe that house, she suddenly appeared in front of me. The angry looked stoned my feet on the wooden floor but I was awakened when I saw a knife in her hand. Is she planning to kill me?

It seems my body knows what to do in this kind of situation. Without order, it runs for its own good. I was about to reach the stair when the woman grabbed my left foot.

She little by little slashes a wound in my legs and was crazily laughing as she crawls nearer to me. My whole body was tormented by the knife. I'm in bleed and she's too powerful for me to escape.

There's nothing I can do in order for me to escape. I'm being killed and all I can do is to scream in pain.

I wake up sweating a lot but that doesn't surprise me. What surprising is the cut in both of my wrist and the fresh blood was coming from it. I freak out again and quickly went in the bathroom to wash out the bloods.

I inspected the wound in my wrist. Good thing that it wasn't deep at all. I was wondering why I did have that kind of wound. I went back to my bed and look for a needle. Maybe there's something sharp that cause it. But none.

I kept on thinking until I remember my nightmare. Is she the one who did this? Can even a ghost do something like that? So, it means what I have seen in some horror movies were true. Such ghost can do something like that. I always believe that ghosts just appeared and disappear and nothing more. Oh, also the ability to possess one's human body. But, to be able to do something like this? I never thought of that.

Therefore, starting that day I've been wearing rosaries thinking that it could save me from ghosts. I also start avoiding horror movies and horror games. Maybe, my mind was just being fool by those movies and I may certainly be right because I never had a nightmare again.

However, after 2 years of losing the path of nightmares, another one appeared and hunts me again.