I've seen many unrequited love; and the girls- they said it hurt them when the guys purposely made them upset. Or maybe it wasn't on purpose, but girls do get jealous easily. But some guys would just be blunt and tell you they don't like you- and there you go, the day would be so depressing. When my friends asked me why I loved the person I love now, I really didn't know how to answer. But now I know. I feel completely safe with you, and because I know you would never love anyone around, nor would you love me back, I would not feel hurt unless jealousy overwhelms. I know that.

It's because I know that you wouldn't hurt me. Of all people, you were the safest one to love. You couldn't love me back - that I know. But I've seen enough; your care and concern as part of your duty is enough to keep me happy. Even though I can see your pretty smile, I've always wanted more. But hey, people can't be so selfish. I love you because from the start, I already knew that you would never hurt me on purpose. If I was hurt in the process of loving you, then it's my own emotion's fault - never yours. You've tried your best to encourage and motivate.

And you were the reason why I came back to the world of writing. You were the starting inspiration, and all of my hundreds of writing works; almost all of them are dedicated to you, and inspired by you. You were the one love I can never really... give up on that easily. I might sometimes trash talk about you to other people so they won't call me desperate, but you're the closest thing to my heart, other than my family.