I don't know why I can't stop writing these. Consider this a semi-continuation of "I See You" if you want. Enjoy, if that's your thing.


Run for your life, run to your death

Even this far, I can see your breath

Clouds screaming from your mouth


It misses you, my blade misses you

Come back so it can taste your skin

There is so much left for us to do

Come back so we can play today

The game I love to call "Foray"


Yes, dearest, you have a head start

In this little game of hide-and-seek

But not for long will we be apart

The drugs have made you meek


I'm coming, dearest, to get you

Just following your thin blood trail

Quickly finding all your little clues

We're so close, I can hear you wail

In the snow here is your fingernail

I can't help but laugh and yell out,


Reviews, please.

Flamers, I shall roast my marshmallows with your flames. ;)