Author's note: This story started off as a game. With us taking turns writing chapters :) Hope you enjoy.

A Girl Called Nope

My name is Emma and I'm 19 years old. I live with my family on a farm in the Northern Territory of Australia. Alice Springs is about a day's drive away.

My family includes my parents, Jasper and Daisy, my eight-year-old sister Chloe, and my brother Lachlan who's ten. I love the farm life. We have two-hundred cows and twenty horses. Mine is called Trust. She's a mare and had a foal two years ago that I named Sunshine.

We also have two Australian Shepherds and three cats.

There are farmworkers living on our farm to help my parents with all the work. Some work here for years, like Barney, and others come and go. Sometimes we also have some work-and-travellers here. Some of them close to my age. I love meeting all those people; they have great stories to tell.

Around us is nothing. The next farm is an hour away. It might seem like a long way, but it's actually right next door when you live in Australia.

On that farm lives a family with three kids. There are nine-year-old twins, Jimmy and Samantha (who's called Sam), and their big brother Noah, who's 21, and of course their parents, Mike and Tess.

As kids, Noah and I used to hang out all the time. We enjoyed strolling around the bush for hours, sleeping in a tent on the weekends, and splashing around in the creek near our house.

On the weekends I stayed mostly at his family's farm. We used to sit in the backyard and wait for the sunset, just to see who could count more kangaroos and who'd spot a tasmanian devil or a wombat first.

Sometimes we also got to do schoolwork together since we both attended the School of Air.

Noah finshed school last year and went to university in Adelaide. I miss him a lot; everything is really boring without him. He was the one who I could always rely on, who I could trust with everything and who was always there to cheer me up.

During the year we stayed in contact by emailing each other. We have seen each other just once, at Christmastime. The rest of the year he stayed in Adelaide. Coming home more often would've been too expensive.

There was never anything romantic going on between us; he was just the big brother I never had.

Now, being the oldest of 5 (including Jimmy and Sam) is no fun, especially when the next one is nine years younger, but in just another month it will be my turn to head to university.

I am also gonna be going to the university in Adelaide.

And before that happens, there's one more month of vacation ahead of me. Noah will back home from tomorrow and my birthday is also coming up in two weeks.

Looks like there's an amazing summer ahead of me.