**********IMPORTANT AUTHOR's NOTE***********

AS STATED BEFORE: THIS STORY HAS TWO AUTHORS. WE ALTERNATED WRITING CHAPTERS AND WE BOTH WROTE OUR OWN ENDINGS. In other words, there are TWO endings for this story. This chapter is an altnerate ending and not an epilogue. If you're read the first ending... pretend you haven't or this one will not make sense. In otherwords, it follows directly after chapter 30.

Noah's POV

Of course I wanted to help Emma ring in her birthday. I asked her what the plan was and she said that her parents would let the two of us use the den. We could make some popcorn, watch movies, and sleep on the floor in sleeping bags. I told her that I had to go back for supper and get my things together but that I would be back in a few hours. I went home in a much, much better mood than I had been in before.

By the time I was back, she had the den all set up for us. Chloe and Lachlan were there as well and Emma informed me that the kids were going to stay up and watch one movie with us before they went to bed. Chloe picked the Sound of Music. I knew there were other movies in the pile that she liked much better, but The Sound of Music was the longest and she was buying time before she had to go to her own room and go to sleep.

The four of us all crowded on one couch for that first movie, with Chloe sitting on Emma's lap for the first half, and mine for the second half. It was the only way we could all fit.

When the movie ended, I gave Emma her first gift, the camera. I knew it wasn't her birthday quite yet, but I thought she'd want to document it with a photo while the kids were still there too.

Emma's POV

I couldn't believe that Noah had gotten me the camera. I mean, I knew he was thinking of getting me a camera, but not that one. It was way nicer than my old one, but I also knew that it was three times more expensive. For a moment I was just speechless as I stared at it.

"Emma?" Noah asked me, "Is something wrong? I can exchange it for another one if you prefer."

"It's perfect!" I squealed, finding my voice again. I flung my arms around his neck and, without thinking, gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Noah looked stunned, but I pretended that it was nothing as I jumped up to show the camera to Lachlan and Chloe. Then I took a few pictures of the four of us before my dad came in and sent the kids off to bed.

Once they were gone I put on a second movie and grabbed a blanket. I sat down next to Noah on the couch, spreading the blanket over us both and cuddling into his side. I wondered if I was being to obvious about my feelings for him, but I figured that he would be telling me that I was Nope so soon now that it didn't matter. He immediately put his arm around me and kissed my head before turning his attention to the TV screen.

Noah's POV

I felt like I must have been in heaven. Emma had loved the camera so much that she kissed me! I thought I'd buy her a hundred cameras if she'd react like that each time. And then when the movie started, she came and cuddled herself into my side. As I looked at her sitting in my arms I thought that, if I hadn't all ready fallen in love with her, I would have done so tonight. I kissed the top of her head before turning back to the television, but from the corner of my eye I saw her look up and smile. Why couldn't she see that we were meant to be together?

The movie ended and the credits started rolling on the screen, but Emma still didn't make a move to leave my arms. I wondered if life could be any better, but then I remembered that we weren't a couple. I wanted to just tell her that she was Nope right then and there, because I felt that at that moment, nothing could possibly go wrong. But I had already given her the camera early and I wanted to wait until Midnight for the pictures. I felt a twinge of guilt, would she be angry? Was I about to ruin her birthday?

When the credits were also over, Emma stood up and checked the time. "20 minutes until my birthday!" she grinned.

I smiled back at her and asked her what she wanted to do now. She hesitated and then placed a CD into the music player. A second later one of her favourite romantic songs came on. "Dance with me," she ordered, reaching for my hand. I gladly complied.

Emma's POV

Mid-dance I realised that I was making this far too easy for Noah. And yet, I didn't want to leave his arms. After a few more songs I finally sighed and turned off the music. There was still four minutes until my birthday.

"Want to play some more Truth or Dare?" I asked Noah.


"Why not?"

"Because I know you're going to ask me about Nope, and it's not your birthday yet."

"I won't, I promise. At least not until after midnight."

Noah hesitated but then agreed, "Okay, but anything that gives away Nope's identity is a no go. If it comes up, I quit."

I nodded my head. I knew he'd tell me soon enough anyway, what I really wanted to do was to mess with him a little with my own answers. I looked at him, "You go first, I have to think of something still."

Noah looked surprised, but then he grinned and asked, "I know you have a secret you told Sam, what is it?"

Perfect. "Oh, it's about the fact that I know someone else's secret. But I really can't tell you that one because it's not my secret to blab. The person accidentally said too much one day and I figured it out, and Sam knew the secret too so we talked about it, that's all."


"Not a chance. It's my turn now and anyway, it's not up to me to say anything."

Noah's POV

So it wasn't Emma, it was someone else that had a secret that Sam knew? I was so confused trying to figure out who had told Sam a secret. I'd have to ask Sam about it when I got a chance.

Emma was still thinking. Finally, she spoke up, "Okay, it's about Nope, but it's not about who she is. I just want to know how long you've been in love with her for?"

I shrugged, "The truth is Emma, I don't know. It started so gradually that I can't pin-point the time when I first loved her. It's been a really long time though. Since before I went to university in the first place."

Emma looked surprised, but I had another question right ready for her, "The night you told me that you liked someone, but it wasn't Tim, who were you talking about?"

"I'll take a dare."

I didn't know what to think about the fact that she didn't answer the question. I looked at the clock, there was less than a minute left. "I dare you to open the gift I got you."

Emma looked at me puzzled. "I already did!"

"No, not the camera. That was just something extra. Your real gift is in my backpack."

Emma walked over and pulled out the box I had wrapped up for her.

Emma's POV

The camera was just something extra? I didn't understand what he meant by that. I unzipped the backpack he had brought, and sure enough there was another gift in there. I pulled it out, but before I could unwrap it, the clock struck midnight.

I sat down on my sleeping bag on the floor, placing the gift in my lap, but I didn't open it yet. "Who is Nope?"

Noah came and sat down across from me so that our knees were almost touching. "Happy Birthday Emma!" he replied, but he didn't answer my question.

"Thanks. Who is Nope?" I already knew of course, but I wanted him to tell me.

Noah shrugged, "Finish your dare first. The answer's in the box."

I turned my attention to the gift and opened it carefully. Inside the box was a scrapbook. I knew instantly that Noah had made it himself. I turned the pages carefully. Every page was full of pictures of us, from the time we were babies and upward. He had also cut out little hearts and placed them around the pictures and copied out quotes from my favourite poems to decorate the pages.

I looked at him, "Wow, Noah, this is incredible!" I sat and looked at every picture and read every quote while Noah watched me. When I came to the end though, there were still quite a few blank pages left. I looked at him.

I could see he was getting a little uncomfortable, I knew he was still working out how to talk to me. I decided that after such a gift I couldn't make him wait anymore, so I put the book down beside me and kissed him full on the lips. Not a quick peck like when he had given me the camera, but I lingering kiss. When I pulled away, Noah looked relieved and thrilled.

I grinned at him, "Nope says Thank-you."

Noah couldn't wipe the silly grin from his face; he just nodded and then pointed back to the book. "The blank pages, those are for the future."

"I know," I said, "I think they're my favourite part."