of - j.k., s.g., k.j., s.t.
listening to - "anna begins" by the counting crows, on repeat

a/n: got this particular idea from "the boy chronicles" by i collect lullabies. (.com/~icollectlullabies)

i. justin.

tall, cruel, angry,
but everything my father would have hated,
if he'd known you existed.
a lying alcoholic, you were,
at least back then.
these days i hear you're different -
that you haven't cheated on her after
two whole years,
and it only took you a month
to get tired of me.

ii. shawn.

you introduced me to heavy metal,
took me on a real date,
showed me how to play halo.

you also told me i was ugly,
that i was stupid,
and that everything i stood for was wrong.

you were supposed to be beautiful,
but you were just like my dad,
in all the worst ways.
and anyway - you neglected to tell me you
had a girlfriend.

iii. kevin.

you are a lonely pothead who
clings to anything with life left in it.
you saw everything i had and
tricked me into giving it away.
maybe i'm being unfair to you,
but let's face the facts.

i'm the one who you say broke the stone you call a heart,
and i still can't get over you. still can't
stop wondering.
you are the one who was so "b/r/o/k/e/n,"
and yet, not quite two months later,
you've already found someone new.

iv. steve.

and you.
you are the one who started me on
this ugly path, the road of
patterns and abuse and lies.

i could remind you of everything you've done,
but i've said it all before,
and i'm tired of giving you my time.

but rest assured - i will escape this
net you've cast around me; i will
find a man who loves me,
someone who will treat me the way i
know i deserve to be treated.

and you will never get to see him.