She knew it. She knew it from the very start. Victor would never fully be hers.

From the start of the relationship, she thought they were perfect together. Fast forward three years, everyone, even herself, thought they would end up getting married together.

That all stopped in senior year. She came. Valeriya Kisel. The gorgeous Russian came back. Everyone knew she was Victor's childhood friend, not to mention first love. Eva thought, maybe, just maybe, Victor would still love her, despite the fact his first love was back. Oh, how wrong was she. Eva was thrown away and pushed to the side faster than lightening. It was like Eva was only Victor's girlfriend to warm up Valeriya's 'seat'.

Her life was a blur, she got questioning glances from her friends. They all asked about her and Victor's relationship. She never really answered.

"What's up with you and Victor?" they would ask.

She would just shrugged her shoulders and reply, "We're just too busy nowadays." But it was a lie, and they knew it.

It wasn't official, but everyone knew it. The cutest couple in the school had broken up, and now Eva and Victor were back on the single status. However, there was another thing that wasn't official, but everyone knew it; Victor was never on the single status, and that Valeriya was taken. It was all obvious, the blushing faces, always together, the constant flirting.

When she and Victor actually tried to go on a date, it was a disaster. Valeriya, just happened to pass by, and Victor just had to invite her to join them for dinner. Eva's and Victor's hands immediately broke apart as he reached out to grab Valeriya's. Yet Eva still tried to hold on. When Victor gave her an odd look, she looked straight ahead, avoiding his gaze.

Her heart began breaking.

At the restaurant, Victor and Valeriya sat side by side, and Eva across from them. She wanted to throw up just by looking at them. How could Valeriya do that to me, she thought, Victor was no innocent lamb either. They were flirting with each other, despite Eva being there.

She tried, and tried so hard to get Victor's attention, nothing seemed to work. Then she finally snapped.

"Get away from my boyfriend, you skank!" she cried out, slamming her hands on top of the table. Everyone in the restaurant stared at her for her sudden outburst. Valeriya's eyes widened, yet she saw it coming. She knew she was acting like a home-wrecker, but she loved Victor too much to let him go.

Her heart continued to crack.

"Eva!" Victor shouted, standing up. His chair fell back creating a loud bang.

"What?" She screamed at him. Tears ran down her cheeks, her voice was hollow, "I can't help it, Victor. Ever since she came, we drifted apart. Do you realize this is our first date in two months! This isn't even a date anymore!" He looked agape at her confession. His steel gray eyes narrowed "You're being selfish," he accused.

She blinked back, "Me?" She was on the verge of being hysterical. She then pointed to Valeriya who was sitting there quietly, looking down to her feet.

"It's all her fault! Because of her-"

Her heart split in half.

The loud noise of a hand slapping a cheek filled the air. Nobody dare to speak. Waitresses, waiters, families, couples, and businessmen were all shocked to hear such a loud impact.

Eva cupped her now bruised cheek, tears streaming down.

"How dare you," he whispered harshly.

Her heart began to crumble.

Her eyes widened, how dare she?

"HOW DARE YOU!" she copied, her voice rising. Her mocha eyes were full of rage, "EVER SINCE LITTLE MISS PERFECT COMES BACK FROM RUSSIA, YOU'VE BEEN ALL OVER EACH OTHER! Don't you ever think of me! I'm your girlfriend! Not her, ME!"

Victor's eyes hardened, "Now that's not fair. I'm just trying to spend time with my childhood friend!"

Her heart shattered into millions of pieces.

Eva snorted at his response, she sarcastically said, "Oh, is that so? Then you won't mind if I go out to dinner with Hayden and flirt, make goggly eyes, and eye rape him all night!"

"That's different!" he shouted, his fist clenching together.

She giggled ruefully, and sneered. "How, what difference would it make. YOU DON'T EVEN LOVE ME! You never did.." she sobbed.

"He does," a small voice said. All eyes fell on the Russian girl. Eva narrowed her eyes at the girl, "What do you know. Since you came, you've been tearing our relationship apart. Hogging Victor to yourself!"

Her heart was fully broken.

"Stop it."

Eva giggle, "Me stop? You stop."

With that, she stomped out of the restaurant and walked home in her gorgeous, white, chiffon dress. She tore off her white pumps and dropped them to the ground. She looked beautiful in her outfit, but it was all a waste. Everything went down a drain, pointless. Victor would never be hers, no matter how hard she tried.

It hurts to love somebody who loves another. Sometimes, you can't always be the princess to your prince.

The end :) Hope you liked it^ If I made any mistakes, please tell me!