There was a bright light in the distance, it was coming closer fast. I blinked several times, trying to figure out where I was, my vision was still blurry and I didn't have a clue what was going on. Turning around to try and get up I noticed that the lights had reached me, and screamed as I stared back into the front end of a 16-wheeler semi truck. I couldn't do anything but stare wide-eyed as the truck literally passed right through me. Landing back on my hands and knees I frantically tried to calm the storm within me, it was then I noticed the glass surrounding me.

What's going on? That truck passed right through me! How is that possible?

I was about to move to the side of the road when I heard footsteps approaching.

"I hate to be the one to tell you this, but, your dead."

I spun around, the voice catching me by surprise, "who's there?"

I stood up, backing away across the road. My vision caught onto red eyes, so red one would assume they'd devour you whole just be staring at you. A breeze blew through his red and black hair as he approached me, his steps fluid and unfaltering. With such dark attire he blended in so perfectly with the evening sky, his coat billowing out like wings into the night.

My hands went out to hold him back instinctively, "Stay away from me! d-d-demon...devil!"

The man crooked his head, a slight grin on his lips.

"You can't have my soul! I won't let you take my soul! I don't want to die!"

Out of the corner of my eye I could see more lights approaching, and the shriek of a car horn passed my ears. I stared in shock as a car barely missed me, the driver didn't even see me, merely stared back at the man next to me.

I didn't like how close he was to me, his eyes still studying me like some kind of science project in a petri dish.

I backed away again, "How come they can see you but not me?"

For a moment he closed his eyes, "because I am neither dead nor alive, I am a demon little girl, just as you put it."

I knew my eyes had widened and I cursed at myself because of it, "stay back or i'll-"

"You'll...what?" he chuckled in response, and then shockingly turned to leave, "have it your way then, if you wish to stay here all alone I won't deny you that."

My had had reached out to grab his arm before I had even realized in it, but rather than grabbing hold of him my hand passed right through as if I was only a mirage on the air.

The shock hit me quickly, "where am I! who am I? where do I go? what do I do?"

A sigh met my ears, "you don't remember anything?"

I shook my head.

"What's with the sudden trust your giving?" The demon turned to ask, his eyes narrowing, "aren't you afraid i'll eat you up whole?"

"I am...but..." I paused for a second, realization sinking in, "i'm afraid if you leave that i'll remain here all alone...forever."

There was something about his demeanour that changed when I said that, his eyes softened and he almost seemed to smile back at me. "Alright, well...there is a hospital not far from here, perhaps we can find your body there..."

I nodded, and began to follow him making sure to stay a few steps behind. The path was straight and narrow, the trees breaking in from the crisp rolling hills to lean over the road. Had I actually been able to fall over things i'm sure I would have already, with all the roots and rocks lying around the roadside.

Soon we came to a bridge, I really hadn't thought anything of it at first. Despite being unable to remember anything from my life, I still knew how things worked, I knew how to speak, and put one foot in front of the other. I just wasn't at all expecting what happened next, which I would assume neither was he.

I was only a few steps on the bridge when I felt like the ground was pulled out from under me and suddenly all I could see was the river rushing below. Instinct took hold, fear definitely took hold, I reached out my hand as if i'd be able to grab onto something to stop from falling. It was like the whole thing was happening in slow motion, like I was made as light as a feather so I wasn't going to fall like a rock I was going to fall like a leaf. Either way it still scared the shit out of me, and I suppose because of all that fear I was actually able to grasp onto something: him.

I closed my eyes tightly, I wasn't going to move or let go of his hand, and if I was eventually going to fall i'd really rather not know about it. I wasn't sure how long I was there for, or if I was even still there but eventually I opened my eyes and realized I was on solid surface again sitting on my knees.

There was a laugh on the air, "you're deceased and yet you still fear falling?"

"Don't tease me!"

The demon tilted his head, his eyes focused in the distance, "you must have been very afraid to have been able to grasp onto me like that..."

"I wasn't that afraid," I retorted, "more like...surprised."

The demon smirked, "are you alright now?"

"...how did I get here?"

"Ah," he began hesitantly, "well...you're not the only one here with supernatural talents."


"We're here."

I blinked, looking up I saw a large building reminiscent of a hospital. I slowly following him toward the entrance, my heart felt like it was hammering in my chest even though I knew that wasn't possible. The main doors easily slid open, I faintly wondered if they still would have if it were just me alone.

When we got inside I went the direction of the elevator then shook my head. I didn't want to have to fall through the elevator too, that would be even worse than falling through a bridge.

"It's not up there anyway," he said, breaking through my thoughts, "it's this way."

For some reason I felt like running away just then, but the way he looked at me gave me confidence to continue following him. At the end of the hall was a room with air tight doors, I assumed it was probably a very cold hallway but I no longer felt anything like that. I forced myself to watch as he opened the door and walked inside.

There were a few bodies on tables covered by sheets. I didn't want him to do it, I really didn't want him to do it, but I pulled back and allowed his hand to pull the first sheet down. A man lied before me, I was shocked at first because of how lifeless he looked, I never wanted to see myself look that way.

We went through all of the bodies, none of them being mine. I didn't wait for him to leave before I left the room, I wasn't even bothered by the fact i'd managed to walk right through the door. I wanted to cry, but I knew I had no tears.

"Believe it or not this might be a good thing."

I whirled around, "how could this possible be a good thing?"

Those beautiful red eyes stared back into mine, I found myself completely trapped in his gaze, "perhaps you're still alive."

I wanted to cry. My whole body was willing itself to cry, I couldn't even breath because I wanted so much to cry, but no matter I couldn't.

"I'm scared...what if..."

"I know," he replied softly, suddenly he was near to me, "but you don't need to be, if the worst thing is the case, at least you'll be able to go to a better place, a place where all you'll know forever is happiness."

"How do you know?" I asked distantly, "How do you know I won't go to...hell."

The laugh that crossed his lips lifted my spirits a little, "not possible, you reek of innocence even now."

"What if i'm just a lost soul that..." I barely wanted to say the words, "that will never have a place to go again..."

My eyes met a smile, but it was a lonely one that somehow pulled at my heart, "such fates are left only to creatures like me."

The question left my lips before I could stop it, "What are you?"

"I already told you," he scorched, "I'm a demon, one that wouldn't stop at eating an innocent girl like you for dinner."

I shook my head, "You can't be a demon though, because this place isn't hell..."

"I..." his words fell short, "no...but regardless, as much as I don't go around gobbling up souls I would still consider myself a demon—perhaps worse."

For some reason I wished I could hug him, "if it's any consolation...I feel safe with you...at first I thought you were a demon come to eat me, but then I thought maybe you were an angel of death sent here to help guide me to the right place..."

"You could consider me as such?"

My eyes closed, "yes."

"Don't think so kindly of me," he replied curtly, "I'd as much as tear into your flesh and drink every last drop of your blood before i'd do anything to remotely help you, the only reason I haven't is simply because I can't."

"Then I suppose I should hurry and find a way to come back to life so I can test you out on that..."

I felt the ties of a giggle in my chest as I watched him grimace, "I take back my statement about your innocence, you're really a very cruel woman."

There were people approaching us nearby, I felt obligated to step out of the way even though they would have passed right through. It was a woman, a nurse to be specific, carrying some picture frames, nothing really out of the ordinary but for some reason my attention was drawn to them. There were a few pictures of animals, characters, things that I wasn't all that concerned about but a few of them seemed somehow familiar to me, as if people i've met in a dream I can't recall.

I found myself following her to a room, where she sent up the frames on a windowsill before turning to leave again. My eyes couldn't look away from the pictures, I could feel the start of an impossible headache as I stared back at them.

There was a tickle running up my hand, and I went to swat at it to stop it but realized I was feeling something that wasn't even possible for me.

"You felt that didn't you?"

I rolled my eyes, "oh so your psychic now too?"

The feeling hadn't gone away, it had only gotten stronger, as if someone was holding my hand. I turned back to him trying to ignore the sensation, "I recognize those pictures for some reason..."

"You should," he said quietly, his eyes were focused on the person in the bed, "your beautiful...have I mentioned that?"


My question was met with a nod, "unless you have a twin."

"Wha-"I began but stopped as I watched the man before me stroll his fingers up the arm of the woman in the bed. I could feel his warmth against my skin, like pins and needles, as if my arm had been numb all this time and feeling was just coming back.

I stared back into those beautiful red eyes again even though I could feel myself falling away. I looked at my hands again only to find that they were slowly fading away.

"What did you-" I suddenly couldn't make a sound.

"A blood transfusion," he replied softly, a tube falling from his other hand, "when you weren't looking...the gift of my vampire blood, perhaps the only good thing that will ever come of me."

Stubbornly I opened my mouth again to try and speak but I couldn't.

"Don't worry," he continued quietly, "it was a small amount I gave you, just barely enough to bring you back but by no means as anything like me."

That wasn't what I wanted to ask. I knew I was disappearing fast, that I didn't have any time to do anything or change anything. There had not even been enough time to thank him. When I wake, will I have forgotten all about the vampire that had saved me?

I suddenly felt something against my lips, and my eyes widened at the sight of his lips pressed up against the woman in the bed. For some reason my memories had started coming back to me, I started to forget about being dead, about falling, about him. I thought quickly that i'd never been kissed before in such a way, it was if I was sleeping beauty and he my prince. The last thought of him that would ever be on my mind was that I wished I could have stayed with him forever.

Weeks later I was released from the hospital as fully recovered. I wanted to visit the place the car accident had happened and leave flowers behind for the people in the other car that hadn't made it. When I got there I noticed a man was already there, leaving behind a single white rose in the center of the road.

"Oh, did you know someone that was in the accident?" I asked.

The man nodded slowly, his auburn eyes which for a moment I thought were red, meeting mine.

"Indeed," he replied softly, I thought I saw tears in his eyes.

I placed the flowers I had brought against the cross at the side of the road. I was about to turn around and offer the man my condolences but when I finally did he was gone.