Author's Note: Hey guys so um, I've been pretty busy with school work but, with a really big help from another fellow writer, this is a slightly revised first chapter of Academy Life. But I would like to really thank Writer Girl789 for helping me even with my overly busy time between school and well typing ^_^

Chapter One

"Do you have everything you need?"

My mom asked me for the tenth time at the airport. Her worried eyes never left me while we waited for my step dad Frank; to get the last suit case of my luggage from the car.

I sat down on a chair near the vending machine patiently as my mom sat beside me. Her sandy colored hair shone and her deep green eyes never left me, and were gazing at me heatedly even as she fussed over my stuff.

"Yes mom, I haven't forgotten anything." I said with a sigh. She kept rubbing my hand with her thumb, not wanting to let go.

"As soon as you've arrived at Alton Academy, you call us, okay? And not a moment later." She said as Frank was giving me my bags, ticket, and passport.

"Don't worry, mom. I'll call you guys once I've settled in, and I'll come home during the holidays." I reassured her, and gave her a hug before leaving.

"Have fun, Lily" Frank said, as they both waved me goodbye before I stepped through the turquoise arch and followed the way to where my plane seat was.

It took a few minutes before the plane finally took off. I closed my eyes, turned on my iPod, and put my head phones on.

My name is Lily Grace, I am 15 years old. I am moving to London for high school. My mom, Lorie, is a very caring parent. She always panics at the slightest hint of danger. Frank Johann, my step-father, is a writer, and a famous one at that. However, I've kept my dad's name so I won't be mobbed and asked about autographs.

Now why would I want to leave my overly protective mom and majorly famous step-dad? Well it's because Alton Academy is my dream school. Alton Academy is considered an elite school for music and arts, in other words it was pretty amazing. Also, it's a boarding school so I'll have a little bit more time for myself. Mom and Frank didn't mind about the idea at first because they both knew that I wanted to be a singer one day. But with my departure nearing, they had started to become more and more nervous.

The plane ride was spent amiably. For some time, I just sat and read a book on the city of London. I put my head phones on and listened to my iPod. I sat and reminisced on my time back in LA, my home and my family coloring my thoughts. Finally, I succumbed to my desperate need of sleep.

After the long flight, I took my bags and went to exchange my U.S. dollars to pounds. I caught a cab, and the driver helped me situate my bags in the trunk.

"Where to?" He asked. "Umm, Alton Academy," I told him and his eyes widened at the name. As we drove down the streets of London, I looked out the window with amazement as landmarks passed by us."Is it your first time 'ere in London?" He asked and I simply nodded.

"We're almost to Alton 'cademy" He said and I looked forward. Through the windshield, I saw a wide crystal clear lake on the left and some tall building on the right."Those are the dorms and that one with the bell tower is the 'cademy," the driver informed me.

"You seem to know this place pretty well," I observed, and he chuckled at my comment.

"Alton Academy is a great school; kids come from across the world just to learn there." He said. As we got closer, the school's features became more noticeable.

The dark stone walls, arched windows, even the school flags were the color of Alton Academy; a simple blue with a darker blue accent.

Even the students Jackets are colored in the two different shades of blue. Girls have the lighter color of blue with white linings while the guys have the darker shade with black linings.

The taxi dropped me of on the main building. A sign read the names and room numbers of the offices.

I took my duffel bag and suitcase and I walked inside the building. It was amazing, paintings of famous musicians, artists, actors, and dancers were everywhere.

It was also the first day of school and I didn't stand out too much. Students were either in uniform, or like me in my casual clothes. It took awhile before I found the guidance office and when I finally succeeded in doing so, I was lucky enough to find that I was the only one there.

The office was filled with music by Bach and the cream wallpaper made the room feel warm. By the desk was a brown haired woman wearing a ruffled blue blouse with the school logo. She turned to look at me and smiled.

"May I help you?" She asked me.

"Um, yes, actually. My name is Lily Grace. I'm a transfer from Los Angeles. "

"Oh, hello. I am Ms. Gurwain the secretary and what you might call the welcoming committee" She said as we shook hands.

"Very nice to meet you Ms. Gurwain" I said, with a smile.

She went over my records and took out a piece of paper in dark blue.

"Now, your dorm is the Stag dorm. The dorms are found on the other side of the lake. All of the dorms here are co-ed. You'll find your uniform is in your room and here is your key" She said and handed me a key with a musical note design, which looked cute.

"Your first class is with Mr. Orvern. Classes would begin tomorrow and tonight is the opening ceremony." I turned to leave, but then she continued saying "Hope you'll enjoy Alton Academy." Ms. Gurwain added, and smiled at me, and I returned the smile.

As I left the office, I noticed a lot of students, especially the girls, talking about something which made them giddy and well, girly.

As I headed to my dorm, I noticed there were limousines parked where my taxi was once parked to drop me off. A tall man came out; his hair was like nothing I'd ever seen before. Almost like a mix of blond and dark brown. Almost Amber in color, even his eyes are piercing blue that I could see, even from where I was standing.

Half of the girls around me swarmed the tall man, and that's when the bodyguards stepped in and the group went inside the school.

"What a scoop!" Someone said beside me. I turned and noticed a guy wearing the school uniform; a camera was hanging around his neck and a shoulder bag draped on his right shoulder. His brown short hair was flat against his head and his gray eyes looked energized.

"Umm hi I'm Lily Grace" I said and he switched his attention to me. He smiled and took a quick picture before giving me a firm handshake.

"Pleasure to meet you. I'm Curtis Turner, part of the photography class, and you must be the American transfer student." He said and I chuckled.

"Yeah that's me" I said back.

"What dorm are you in? I'm in Stallion dorm" He told me.

"Stag dorm" I informed him, and he raised an eyebrow.

"Nice. The Stag dorm is one of the highest dorms here." He informed me, and offered me a tour around the dorms and the whole school.

"There are more than ten dorms here. All are named after animals. The highest dorm is the Hawk, while the lowest is the Rabbit. Your dorm is the number two dorm." He told me, as we walked towards the dorm.

"So who was that tall guy earlier?" I inquired him curiously, causing him to looke at me with a shocked expression.

"You must be the only person around who doesn't know him. He's theRico Jolans!" Curtis exclaimed, making me feel completely stupid.

"No way! That guy was Rico Jolans?"I exclaimed. Apparently, he found that funny as he suddenly laughed.

Rico Jolans was one of my idols. He became famous at the age of 16, and now he's the most renowned singers of all time. Emphasizing, why I felt so stupid for not knowing that that guy was him.

"Is he a teacher here?" I asked and Curtis laughed.

"I wish. But hey, his son studies here, so the school has high hopes for him." Curtis said. As, he said this we had already reached my dorm."His son?" I repeated confusedly.

"It's been 34 years since he became famous Lily; even he has a kid by then. And trust me his kid is themost popular kid around, since last year. Too bad no one is 'worthy' enough to hang out with the son of the legendary Rico Jolans," Curtis said and sighed.

But I kept thinking about Rico Jolans. The first time I heard his music was when I was only four years old. My parents also loved his music my dad must be around the same age as him.

"I've always dreamt of meeting him in person, but I've never expected it to be here." I said honestly and Curtis gave me an understanding smile.

"So see you tomorrow in class Lily" Curtis said as we got to my dorm.

"After I've settled in and unpack and stuff, how about walking with me to the opening ceremony?" I asked, and he nodded smiling.

"Okay. So meet you at the auditorium. You know where it is right?" He asked and I laughed.

"I'll find my way around," I promised, and he laughed with me.

After he left, I found my room and some of my bags and things. Like what Ms. Gurwain said, my uniform was in my closet.

'This year is going to be fun', I thought to myself, and smiled at my uniform.