Princess Maid

Broom 1: The Name Princess

As the pink electric fan blow her sassy and edgy black hair, her almond brownish eyes were so attracted and fascinated to the guy who's demonstrating how to make a manga.

"Eh? What kind of surface is that?" she interestingly asked. The person on the video was using a different table. For some kind of reason, she can see a lit inside it that made the under draft drawing be visible seen in the upper paper.

"A lightbox?" she wondered upon knowing the supplies and materials that the person had used.

"Princess," her mother called out. But she didn't even bother to pay attention. She was focused on finding the cost of such lightbox.

"Will you kindly clean your room? Look how messy your room is," her mother complained as she frustratingly look at her messy room. "I'm really busy. I always do all the works here at our house. I'm so tired. So, if you may please, my child, please help me at least by cleaning your own room."

"Can't you see I'm busy, mom?" Finally she paid attention to her pity mom. However, she's not fully attended because her eyes are still on the screen.

Her mother shrugged and let go a big sighed. She knew that she couldn't make her princess daughter do the cleaning. No matter how she beg and plead, her selfish daughter wouldn't do it at all.

It seems she's regretting that she gave her the named Princess. But, was it really with the name or it's just a fate to be given a child like her? No one knows. But her two sisters were wondering, too, on why did their parents named her Princess.

It was a spring season that time. Mrs. Lea was gracefully looking at the blooming flowers around their house. They grow perfectly and magnificently. Her efforts of protecting and taking care of them for years weren't a waste at all. Her effort result a perfect garden for the coming child.

The wind blows Lea's sleek, smooth chin length bob hair and her brownish almond eyes widened 'cause her offspring is demanding about something. She wants to come out already.

Lea screamed in pain. Her child seems arrogant. She quickly wants to go out and meet the world. But, no matter how she screams, her husband wouldn't be able to hear her pain. Her husband was at work, he was working as a construction worker. The noise that the motors, machines, and metals produced seems too loud for him to receive the winds message, a message telling him that his wife is calling for him badly. But nature helps well to send the pain that his wife going through. The glass window that his two co-workers trying to put up, suddenly crashed on the ground.

"This is bad. We should better prepare for the ceremony later," a co-worker muttered behind his back. He even tapped his shoulder and asked, "Isn't your wife now on her ninth months?"

Witnessing how the glass window crashed on the ground and hearing about the fact that his wife is now on her ninth months gave him fright that creeps all over his body. He quickly excused himself and rushed to their office. The sweats of fears are starting pop out in his skin and his lungs seems having a trouble in breathing in and out.

"Please, be okay," he prayed and pushed the call bottom. It rings and rings until it rang. No one was answering at all. "Oh, God," he feared and quickly change his dirty suit into his ordinary blue polo shirt. He quickly went to his boss office and asked for an early dismiss. Luckily, he was permitted to do so. Therefore, he hurried and rushed to their house.

"Hello," he answered a phone call. It was her mother.

"I see. Thanks mom. I'm on my way there now," he responded after his mother informed him that she brought her wife in the hospital and it seems the baby is coming out. It's a good thing that visiting her daughter-in law came up to her mind.

"Eugene," a motherly voice called out. Eugene hurried and approached the woman who was seating in the waiting area near the emergency room. Her mother can see that he was sweating a lot.

"How is she?" he quickly asked.

"I'm not sure," her mother responded. In a worried face, he looked at the emergency room's door.

Eugene was so worried and anxious that he started keep on walking in front of the door.

"I better go," her mother said and stood up to ready herself to leave. "I should go and get her things she needed. I'll inform her mother too about this."

"Thanks," Eugene thanked and looked at his mother. He looks like he's about to cry.

Her mother let go a soft sighed and went off.

Minute by minute, sweat drops all over his body. He wishes to enter the room and held her love's hand as she pushes through the pain. But he thinks that the doctor will not permit him to do so. He must wait and wait and pray.

Hours passed and the nurses and doctors went out. He hurried and approached them.

"How is she?" he quickly asked.

"You are," the doctor guessed and without finishing his words Eugene quickly answered, "Yes, I am his husband."

The doctor smiled and informed him, "Your wife did well. She's okay now but she still has to rest for few days. And I want to congratulate you. Your daughter, I can see that she's beautiful."

The doctor moved out to show the nurse who's carrying Eugene's daughter. Big smile are starting to crack on his face. He faced the nurse and his eyes were asking if he can carry his child. The nurse nodded and gave the child to him.

He observed the baby. She has an almond brownish eyes like to his mother. Her lips seems like it's owned by an angel. Her nose was just like his pointed nose. Gently, he touched the child's cheek. It was so soft. The shape of her face was like his round face.

"I'm sorry, sir. But we have to take it in," the nurse spoken up and wasn't able to continue her words.

"Ah, yes. I'm sorry," he apologized and gave back the child to the nurse.

The stretcher who's carrying the unconscious woman followed up as well. Eugene come along and held his wife's hand. Good work was the words that his eyes uttered.

After Lea went back to her consciousness, her dry throat produced a sound.

"Eu-gene," she called trying to wake her husband who's sleeping as he sat beside her bed.

"Eugene," she repeated and shaking her husband a little. This time, Eugene did finally wake up.

"Ah, Lea. You're finally awake," gladly he said after meeting her wife's beautiful eyes. It was the most beautiful eyes in the world for him, those almond brown eyes.

"I want to see our child," she had desired.

As she had requested, Eugene asked a favour from the nurse, a favour for his wife to be with her daughter. The nurse permitted him to do so.

"Eugene, what should we name her?" Lea had asked as she gently touched her daughter's pointed nose.

"Well, let's see," Eugene responded and started to think of a good name as he studied his own child. "Let's name her princess. I think she will grow up as a beautiful princess."

"Princess. That will be okay," Lea affirmed and smiled at her little princess.

"So nya! It was dad's fault, nya?" Lala said. Lala is the youngest one and she really loves animes. Yes, she's an otaku girl and you can tell it by her appearance. It's pretty obvious after all since she's wearing a Cardcaptor Sakura 's costume. It was a dolly cat pink black Lolita type. She also wears a black necklace with golden bell and a black cat ear hair band.

"Lala, don't say that. It's not the name that causes her to be like that," Grace said as he helps her mother to prepare the dishes in their dining room.

The tiled dining room is open-plan with breakfast bar to the Kitchen. The large dining table seats eight with full accoutrement supplied. One glass wall with glass doors leads onto the sheltered shaded poolside lanai/patio with ceiling fan - ideal for a pre-prandial drink at dusk or an al fresco supper facing the setting sun.

Their plates are Mikasa Cocoa Blossom, a stylish combination of rich cocoa brown and an exotic floral motif that lends their tabletop a touch of fresh sophistication.

"Grace, kindly call your sister upstairs and tell her that the dinner is ready," Lea requested.

"Sure, mom," Grace obediently granted her request.

Grace is an ordinary and simple girl. More importantly she has a good posture and you can tell in her appearance that she is a discipline seventeen years old girl. Today, she's wearing an apple green peasant blouse and burberry stretch cotton twill capri pants.

"Princess, dinner is ready. Come down immediately," Grace had said after knocking two times in Princess' room's door. The door quickly opened. Grace was surprised because Princess corresponded so quickly and more importantly, her little sister has a serious look on her eyes. She's obviously planning for something. The two went downstairs and headed in the dining room. Lea and Lala already had taken their seat. Eugene wasn't at home since he's now working in other country. Before the family start the prayer, Princess quickly stood up and announced something to everyone, "Mother, please let me be your maid!"