Normally I would just skip the first day of school if it's a half day but my friends practically forced me against my will to come. When I entered the school it brought me back to my freshmen year. I was so scared of coming inside and here I am, a high school Junior and already wanting the year to end.

I walked in to the lunch room to find my friends, but instead I found none of them. The my phone gotten a message. It read ' Hey! Sorry but me and the girls will be coming late. See ya later Emily! -Tessa' I sighed and walked out of the lunch room.I looked my wrist watch and I had ten minutes left till school started.

I was just walking down the hallway towards the stairs when I felt someone tap my left shoulder. I look over it to find a handsome guy.

He looks about a foot taller than I am, about probably six feet tall. Has dark chocolate brown hair, different to my light brown. Wearing black top to bottom, even has the black boots thing going on. But when I look at his eyes... Oh his eyes are the most beautiful color green I've ever seen. My hazel eyes can't seem to stop looking at them. He smiled at me and held out his hand. His hand was so warm when I took it. I smiled back at him and introduced myself to him.

"Hi. My name is Emily." I said as I removed my hand "That was a funny way to say hi." the guy just shrugged and flashed his smile again. Then he grabbed something from his back pocket. It looked like his schedule. He handded it out to me and pointed to one class in particular. The room was '133'. I didn't even bother to look what class it was, I was to busy trying to remember what floor it was on.

We just stood there as I tried to remember the floor that classroom was in that when I remembered that room 133 was on the second floor, the bell rang. I sighed. "I'll take you over there." I said as I waved my hand at him to follow me.

We climbed two sets of stairs and rounded many hallways till we got to room 133. It ended up at the back side of the school. I hardly even remember going through here freshmen year. Not even my sophmore year. The guy knocked at the door and we waited. Then a lady came out. Then I remember this was the sign launguage teacher. Ms. Barnes I think. She looked at me and smiled then at the guy.

"There you are! I've been looking for you!" Ms. Barnes said. The guy just shrugged and looked at me and pointed. "She helped you?" he nodded "Well say thank you." she ordered. This time I looked at him and he did something I didn't realize until now. He said thank you in sign language and walked inside the classroom.

I kept looking at him as he walked into his classroom. Talking to others in there. Making hand movements. Having their own conversation."He doesn't like to use his voice," Ms. Barnes said pulling me put of my thoughts " he thinks he sounds stupid."

"Wait." I said. Remembering I have a voice. "Hes deaf?" I ask.

"All the students in here are." she points out.

"How long was this class here?"

"As long as I can remember."

I looked at the boy. "What grade is he in?" I pointed to the guy I met.

"Him?" Ms. Barnes points out. I nod. "I believe he's in the same grade as you sweety."

"Okay, thank you." I say. I looked into the classroom and I saw the guy staring at me. I smiled and waved good bye to him. He smiled, but never waved back.