Title~ The Empath


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Chapter 1

~ I looked up to the midnight sky, the stars glimmered like Diamonds. The nights never did change here in the countryside. But other than that, it's always so quiet here… And I'm not even used to it.

On top of this eternal silence, I'm forever bound to this shrine.

My name is Eriisa, I'm 15 years old and an Empath to the City of Celes. I was just recently discovered by one of the high priests of the palace when rumors spread about my abilities to heal illnesses by absorbing them. Ever since then, I was requested to be brought to the palace by the royal family. I am kept inside the palace grounds due to secrecy and the chances that other lands might want me for themselves.

So I'm stranded in this place… I can't leave since they won't let me go and no matter what I do, I can never leave this place. So I have to act on my own.

I walked around the palace halls, looking around.. Thinking about what to do… I can't stay here for long anymore, this place is driving me mad. They won't let me out. I want to leave this place and see him.

It's been too long… It's been so long since I last saw my lover… He knows I'm in here but I can't stand to not see him. I tried pleading with the council or anyone I could reach but they denied my request to see him. I couldn't even get near the Royal Family on this one, despite them being the ones bringing me here.

I sighed.

This is hell. I have to leave this place no matter what.

Then, as I was looking around, I saw it. I saw a young man walking around too. Based on his clothes, he's a prince. A part of the Royal Family, I approached him, but before I could, he made his way to me and I simply waited for him.

"You're that Empath right? Eriisa… They call you."

"Yes, that's me. I'm Eriisa. And I want to get out of here. Badly."

"We're the same then. We both want to leave this place. And… My name is Rhys."

And I thought Princes love this place. It seems that he wants to leave as well… but how? I smirked at him. We have a plan, but I need Rhys on this one. We both want to leave so… I need his help.

We both walked around the palace gardens this time… Looking beyond the walls, we imagined life and freedom again. All we need to do is get past that wall and we are free and gone.

"We both want to get out of here… Who knew a prince would want to leave this place…"

"So you know I'm a prince… How smart of you, despite not even seeing me once. I have a lover outside these walls. I want to see her again."

"We have the same reasons. I also have a lover… Who I want to see, and we need a plan despite meeting only now."

This must be destiny, maybe God sent us to each other so we can get out of here. We both went towards the wall which kept us from what we truly wanted and needed. I looked up and sweatdropped. We can't fly, climb walls or anything… So what will we do? I looked at Rhys and he looked at me. Then I looked at the long silk sash that trailed from behind my dress.

"You got a knife or something? Because I have an idea."

"I have one. Here, take it."

"Good. We'll get out of here I promise you that."

I took off the silk sash on my dress and took the dagger Rhys offered me. I tightly tied the dagger on the sash and took a few steps back. I threw the dagger with the sash over the wall, I pulled it hard til it caught on something. I smiled, hope welled up in my eyes and I looked at Rhys. We are both getting out of here. I held on to the sash and started to climb up the wall.

"We are getting out of here. But I'll go first okay?"

"Sure. Just hurry up and be careful."

"I know."

The dress I'm wearing makes it difficult to climb up, but all the same I want to get out of here don't I? So I have to give this everything I got if I want to see him. I climbed up with all my efforts and finally reached the top.

I let the silk sash with the dagger drop back down on the ground.

"Psssst… Hurry the hell up Rhys! They might see us! If you wanna see that girl again, get your ass up here now!"

"I'm coming… Wait for me."

"Hurry… Since I don't know how to get down."

I looked over the wall. I see the entire city, and my freedom. But the only problem was… I had no idea how to get down from this wall. If I try and jump, dang, I'd be dead within seconds or less, and flying? Well, that's quite impossible is it?

I found a way to get out all right, but I forgot about the other half of the plan. Maybe we can just wall-jump or something… We can hold on to the sash and jump from the wall… I just hope my trusted silk sash can take more of our intense weight. Finally, Rhys got up with me and we both looked down…

"Last one and we are free. Just one last jump and we are gone. This is why you are going first Eriisa."

"Fine, this is my plan after all… Now watch and learn."

"Well isn't she the daredevil…"

I smirked at Rhys and grabbed hold of the sash and jumped, even if its just a few seconds, it still scares the hell out of me… If this thing snaps, I swear I will scream… but hopefully, im praying that it doesn't snap. Im so close to freedom and seeing him again… I can't afford to lose this chance. My eyes were closed and the next thing I know.

IM ON THE SHIT.I MADE IT. I waved to Rhys… He had better get down here since my joy is overflowing.

I turned to see the city… And… Him.

"Eriisa? Is that you? Is that really you?"

"E..-eiji… You're here… How did you?"

"I sensed you. It woke me up when your aura moved away from the castle. Im not called a tracker for nothing love."

My entire world stood still. The wind blew my hair to one side and I looked at Eiji. He sensed me and I ran to him… He pulled me into a warm embrace, something I have not felt in a very long while. I want to stay like this forever. I want to run away from my forced duty as an empath of Celes.

Then, I heard a soft thud from the ground. Rhys has landed and my silk sash is still alive. I looked at the young prince who I escaped with and he looked at me with a soft smile.

"Thank you… Rhys... I owe you one."

"No, its me who I should thank you for. Im out of that prison and I can go find her. Farewell for now, Eriisa, Empath of Celes."

"Who was that?... Erii?"

I smiled at Eiji and I know its enough to spell out that he helped me get out of that palace. He pressed his lips against mine and we shared a passionate kiss. God, do I miss these kinds of moments. After a few seconds, we parted… We need to get out of this city before the Royal family figures out that their precious Empath and prince is gone.

"We need to leave the city Eiji… Or else we are dead."

"I know, I have the perfect place. And I bet you have nothing to pack… So, let's get outta here."


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