Chapter 2

~ Eiji took my hand and we ran. As in we just ran out of the city without stopping. We brought nothing but ourselves and each other. I felt happy to be out of that prison.

Once we stepped outside the city and into a path going to the next country, I felt released from my forced duty as an empath of Celes. No one can bring me back to that cage anymore and sure as hell I won't go back there on my own will. Eiji looked at me with a sort of light expression, I think he's just glad that im back with him and we're running away together.

"Where are we going love?"

"Somewhere safe, where everyone will treat you like a normal person, whether you are an Empath or not."

"Tell me. I want to know… Please…"

I didn't get an answer from Eiji, it means that it's a surprise and he won't let me know no matter how bad I bug him and no matter how annoying I can get while we are on our way.

When we got a bit far from the city, we slowed down and just walked since no one would catch us or know we escaped at this time of the night. Then we suddenly stopped dead, there was a loud noise coming from the city and some lights. Oh snap, they've found out that quick that we're gone? I just stared at the city which was in chaos at the loss of a prince and their precious empath. After those few seconds, we made a run for it.

"How the hell did they figure out we're gone… At such a short time!"

"I have no idea but just run til' your energy runs out Erii! If you get tired, tell me since I'll carry you!"

"I'm not that tired yet, just run! If we get caught or if they figure out we're here, everything I did would've been done for nothing! NOW RUN!"

We felt like rats being chased by a cat. I bet the Royal family is sending guards and trackers to find us and bring our asses back to the prison. Well, hell no am I letting myself get caught again, since im not just an empath. Im no ordinary Empath. I trained myself in other arts and magic just in case, either that or the library in the palace was real interesting to the max and I found some stuff I could play with.

I could hear the heavy footsteps of the guards. My heart raced.

I pulled Eiji behind a tree and I started to climb up.

"Hurry up and climb up! They won't see us here!"

"You can still do that after having that dress on? Hell Erii, your endurance is high!"

"HURRY UP. I don't wanna go back there, so get your butt here! NOW!"

We both climbed up in the fastest pace we could and quietly took a position in where we couldn't be heard or seen. Crap, those trackers are fast as hell. They were under the tree already even if the alert was given just around 5 minutes ago.

Everything was silent, the only thing we heard was the rustle of the wind and the leaves… I hope they pass the tree, if they pass it then we are safe. After a few moments of looking around, the guards turned their backs and went back to the city.

I don't feel like going down this tree just yet.

"Okay, that scared me to hell, and where are we going anyways Eiji?"

"Fine, I'll tell you… It's not actually a country. It's more of a bridge between worlds. There's no proper name for it. It's a loophole for others, a place you can't be found in since the bridge location always changes."

I don't get it much. But my brain is slowly trying to process and break down the info in bits. So we are going to a place… which isn't really a place, in other words, it's a bridge between the human world and some other place, and the bridge isn't easily found since it changes locations often.

Now I get it. But the question is, how does Eiji know where the bridge is when it changes locations often?

That, and is he sure that we'll be safe there? Last time I checked, every single country now wanted an Empath and will this place make any difference?

"Do you even know where the bridge is? As you said, it changes locations."

"Yes I do, since I go there often, in fact… The bridge is just right behind us."

"….. How do we get in?"

Yes. How do we exactly get inside the bridge Eiji speaks of? We both jumped off the tree and went around the bushes, I followed him around til' we stopped in front of a bush of Roses. They looked so pretty, since the color was different. It was a beautiful and elegant black. I wanted to pick one for myself but when I was about to reach for one, my hand disappered and I immediatley pulled back.

What the heck was that about? Seriously. What?

"Okay. What the hell was that? Seriously."

"Pass through the Rose bush … And you're in. Now do it."

"This is insane, but why not…."

~ I walked past the Rose bush with my eyes closed. And when I opened them, I was in a different world.

The place, no, the city I'm currently in is so beautiful. Everyone looks so happy and content with where they are and what they do. Other than that, all kinds of races are in this place, from elves to immortals and element spirits. Whoever discovered this place must be epic. I walked around the place and people greeted me with warm smiles, as if they know that I'm new to the city.

"Hey… Don't go wandering around just yet."

"E-eiji!... Everyone seems so nice… I doubt they'd try and kill me or something."

"It's not that… You might just get lost since this place is a maze."

~ Even if I do get lost here, the people seem nice enough to tell me where to go and bring me where I want to, so I'm not yet thinking about getting lost at the moment, I'm thinking of getting lost in the beauty of this place and how much fun it would be to live here. Eiji held on to me tightly but it didn't matter, my attention became that of a little girl's due to the atmosphere of the city. I didn't even know where we were going.

I just went around wherever Eiji pulled me to, until we stopped in front of a VERY BIG house, it looked more of a mansion, a place where a noble or someone of royalty would live in. Eiji opened the door and I went inside with him.

"This is your house! .Cool."

"Sort of… I have a little reputation to uphold, so the council gave me this place."

"Is this my house too? Can I stay here as well?"

Eiji gave me a nod and a warm smile. That means yes. Bingo. I can stay here, live here and do as I please. I don't need to go back to that city and be locked up, though I do hope that Rhys also got away, he did help a little and deserve some freedom. I wish the guards didn't catch him at all, anyways, he's a prince… Like he'd get caught to easily when what he wants is within his grasp already.

I started to walk around the very big house, there were chandeliers hanging above us, paintings on the wall, a very elegant place I got to say, but then just when I wanted to go around the house, the exhaustion finally got to me.

I collapsed on the spot. Win moment. I blacked out. Awesome.

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